The Truth About Lacrosse Pro Tips for the Middie

As a lacrosse player, you should be well versed in every aspect of the game, and middies have one of the hardest jobs on the field, you play offense, you play defense, and most importantly, you keep the game moving between the lines.

Middies need to have speed, skill, and motivation, if you aren’t motivated, then the game can fall apart when it gets to you. Middies need more conditioning than anyone else on the field, because as a middie, you are always running, and even when you aren’t on the field, you always need to be prepared for more. You may get called back on anytime, and you have to be %100 whenever you step onto the field. A good idea to get ready for the season is some extra running, if you are running a mile a day, try stepping it up to two, because you will need it.

One crucial aspect of middie play is face-offs and wing play. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been playing or how often you will be called upon for it, every middie absolutely has to be able to face-off. Talk to a coach or a more experienced player, and ask them to help you out, because you really can’t practice face-offs alone. Wing play is crucial to being a good middie, especially right off of a face-off, if you get the ball, or help someone else on your team get it, thats an instant offense. It’s hard to settle a defense right after a face-off, so if you can get the ball to the attack as soon as you get it, that is the best scoring opportunity you may get all game. The one tip I have for wing play and face-offs, is heart, you have to be aggressive and never stop fighting for the ground ball. Even if it gets picked up, hit the guy, he won’t be ready for it yet. If you fight for that ground ball as hard as you can, and still lose it, no one will be disappointed in you, because it is easy to tell who is fighting their hearts out, and who is trying to avoid being hit.

Middies need to be able to work some offense and defense, because you will get caught in these positions often, and it pays to be prepared. Talk to a player friend of yours who is attack or defense to help you out with some drills. The one thing middie defenders have a tough time with is just understanding where to be at all times. If you are playing man to man defense, and you can’t find your guy, jump into the hole in front of the goal. Make sure not to screen the goalie though, always give him his space. Once your into the hole, you can safely look around for the open guy, and run to cover him. Middie offense is pretty simple, learn some dodges, practice shooting, and never ever be afraid of being hit.

As always, any and all lacrosse players need to love the sport, and put in as much time and effort as they can.

Kevin Eaton

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