Softball Pitching Tip for Rainy Days

My daughter’s softball game just got rained out this morning which is why these Rainy Day tips are on my mind.  As we sat there watching the rain pour down, these two pitching tips went through my mind:

  1. Ask for a new ball as frequently as you need to even if it’s annoying to everyone else
  2. Bring a chamois to wipe the game balls with

I remember many games when coaches were trying to keep the game balls dry using towels on crazy rainy days. It doesn’t work all that well.  It doesn’t take very long before the towels are soaked and you are trying to dry off a wet softball with a wet towel. Now if it happens to also be a rather muddy day, you may still want a towel around to get some of the mud off the ball before you dry it off with the chamois, but you definitely want to have the chamois on hand to keep that ball as dry as possible for your pitcher.

So I don’t know why I never thought of that before, but it never dawned on me until I got a nice e-mail from an All About Fastpitch member who told me that he keeps a chamois with him for those nasty weathered days.  Obviously a chamois is going to work a LOT better than a towel for drying off those game balls!

Now I have a chamois included as one of my top bucket essentials. 

Kevin Eaton

Keavin Eaton lives with his wife and two boys in New Orleans, LA. He has a bachelor’s degree in Phys Ed from the University of New Orleans and a Master’s degree in Kinesiology from the Louisiana State University. As an athlete, Kevin competed in many sports including wrestling, rowing, speed skating and bobsleigh before finding skeleton. Opinions expressed by Kevin on Play Famously are his own.

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