The Secret Increase Batting Speed In 3 Easy Steps

Learning how to increase your bat speed is a great way to increase your over all batting performance. There are several techniques that can be used to increase your bad speed. However, time, patience, and practice are most often required.

Muscle Mass

Obviously, the harder you hit the ball the faster the speed. But how do you hit the ball harder? Build up your muscle tone. Building up muscle tone by strength training and toning can be a great asset to your swing. This is where the patience and practice comes in. While you won’t need a professional strength training coach, hitting the gym a few times a week can help build you muscle mass in a few short weeks. Just be sure to follow safety precautions and check with a doctor before beginning any new workout regimen.

Using the Right Bat to Increase Bat Speed

One of the most important tips that can be offered to someone looking to increase their bat speed to insure they are using the proper bat. Bats come in different sizes, weights, and materials.

Some batters do better with a heavy bat, while others do better with a lighter bat. This is mostly due to physical mechanics and personal body structure. It is best to try both styles of bats to determine which one is more comfortable for you and then, work on your speed with each. A good coach will also be able to assist you in choosing a lighter weight bat or a heavier weight bat.

The size and material make of the bat also determines the outcome of ones bat speed. Just like with the weights, you may want to try out different bats such as short or long, wood or aluminum.  These different configurations can make a huge difference but will vary by the batter.

Batting Drills Help to Increase Bat Speed

We have all heard that practice makes perfect. This is very true in the softball as well. Batting drills are a great way to help increase your bat speed. In addition, practicing batting drills will also help you to build muscle mass, increase your batting accuracy, help you get familiar with your equipment and also help you to see what areas you need to improve in. Batting cages are also great for batting practice.

You can also check out Simple Softball Hitting Drills to Increase Your Bat Speed by 2-3 MPH in 6-8 weeks. These drills will not only help your to increase your average hit but also increase your bat speed.

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