PlayFamously Scholarship – School Money for Baseball and Softball Players

PlayFamously Scholarship

Here at PlayFamously we have relished the chance to combine two of our greatest passions—writing, baseball and softball. We credit this opportunity to our years playing competitive sports and the expansive experience of a college education. In hopes of inspiring future students to incorporate their passion for baseball as well as softball into their college education, PlayFamously is excited to offer a $750 equipment scholarship. Maybe use it to buy one of the best bats or ball gloves?

This scholarship is for college students who are playing, or have children playing, collegiate, intramural, high school, recreational baseball or travel softball. We will use our inventory, and host of industry contacts to provide you with the best equipment available to fit your size and sport.

Samples can be found here

Terms of Participation

  • 18 years of age or older by Feb 1, 2018
  • Play, or have children that play, collegiate, intramural, high school or recreational baseball or travel softball.
  • Enrolled College Student. (Proof required if awarded).

How To Apply

As we are encouraging applicants to integrate their passion for baseball or softball with their education, there will be a little writing involved. To apply for the PlayFamously Scholarship, we ask you submit a short essay of 500 to 1000 words. Choose from one of two topics:

  1. Why I Play Baseball/Softball On My Own Dime
  2. Why Life is Like Baseball/Softball

Also, please submit a 200 word write up as to why you should be chosen.

Note: Plagiarized material, which we will check for, is a very bad idea.

Submitted essays, or portions thereof, may be incorporated into relevant PlayFamously articles, with credit given to the author, of course. After you have completed the essay, please email: kevin[at], begin with [SCHOLARSHIPS] Your message to us.

The deadline for essay submission is August 30th, 2018

Please include the following details at the head of your essay and email:

  • Name
  • Home Town City
  • Phone Number
  • School Name
  • Team Name/Baseball or Softball
  • Proof You are a Student

Winner Announced

After processing the applications, we we will choose the essay we like the most. We are looking for thoughtful, engaging writing that moves us.

We intend to award the scholarships before September 10th, 2018. Winners will be notified by email. Once contact is confirmed, and details verified, we will coordinate the delivery of $750 of baseball or softball gear to their desired address.

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