All you Need to Know about Legal and Illegal Softball bats

Most softball leagues will give you the warning about penalties involved with using an “illegal bat”.  The concept of “illegal bats” goes back to the 1850s when baseball players used to hollow out their wooden baseball bats.  Modified bats can give the hitter much more power.  This can be very dangerous to the pitcher and will give the offense an unfair advantage.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, many leagues began to create rules for the types of bats that are permitted to play.  This is true in almost every softball league today.  While softball leagues aren’t necessarily worried about hollowed out bats like in the good old days, they are concerned about the various materials of the bat and the weight.  With all the new technologies in the bat manufacturing industry, players can really take advantage of this increased power.

To ensure that both teams will have the same advantage, several organizations have created a strict set of standards for what types of bats are permitted.

For easy shopping, many online stores will specify which bats are permitted.  Here are the different organizations and the list of their allowed bats.

ASA (The Amateur Softball Association) – List of approved ASA Bats

USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association) – List of approved USSA Bats

ISA (Independent Softball Association) – List of approved ISA Bats

NSA (National Softball Association) – List of approved NSA Bats

Check your league’s official rules and regulations before making any bat purchase.

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