All You Need to Become a Successful Baseball Pitcher

If you were to drink with 100 pitching coaches spanning all levels of baseball and asked them how to train your son to successfully pitch a horse hide from a very large ant hill, you would be as confused as Stevie Wonder at a rave.

One coach will explain how important velocity is to a pitchers game, while the coach drinking Guinness next to him will slur on about location and change of speed. You can read the literature written by self-described experts who talk about biomechanics and mechanics drills. Or you can spend a lot of green pieces of paper on clinics and other personalized coaching if you wish. Yep, you can invest as much time, money and energy into training your little Jimmy how NOT to throw like a girl. But, will any of this assure him a spot in Cooperstown next to all of the Mardi-Gras-headed, steroid-injected hall-of-famers? Nope…because genetics, pre and postnatal physical and emotional development and a crap-load of luck will be the eggs, flour and butter of your cookie dough pitcher.

Coaches can talk about velocity, movement, location and change of speed all they want. However, if Jimmy is built and throws like his great Aunt Mildred…no amount of Dianabol in Jason Giambi’s locker is going to help him throw his way out of a wet paper bag. Likewise, if he is as tall as you were when you were twelve, chances are, the majority of scouts would rather watch the movie The Scout than recruit poor Jimbo. To top it all off, you have to hope and pray that he doesn’t:

A)End up with two or more illegitimate kids
B)Record public service announcements for the anti-meth campaigns due to a court order
C)Die in some horrible combine accident OR
D)Go play soccer!

I do realize that these are not popular opinions since every dad who lives vicariously through his son wants to believe that he has absolute control over all that is and ever will be. But as a very wise man once said, “What will be, will be.” Now, get out of that bar, give Jimmy a baseball and don’t over complicate things!

Kevin Eaton

Hello! I’m Kevin – an openly biased Baltimore Orioles fan; a youth baseball parent; an obsessive-compulsive scorekeeper; a travelling ballpark tourist and a taste tester of defiantly unhealthy ballpark culinary offerings. In this space I share my love for the game of baseball and in doing so, connect with other really great people who love the game as much as I do.

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