Keys to become a Successful Baseball Pitcher

There are several factors to becoming a successful pitcher. Simply put, the most important factor is simply velocity. Let’s face it, no matter how accurate you are or how much baseball savvy you have, you will be pummeled if you can only throw a 70 mph fastball. So before anyone can even consider becoming successful at pitching in the big leagues, they need to be able to throw a ball at least 85 mph. Preferably in the mid 90’s but at 85 mph one can become successful.

If one has velocity the first thing they need to get is control over their pitches. Face it, if you throw 120 mph but miss the strike zone every time you will be a lousy pitcher. So many young fire-ballers come up to the big leagues and never succeed because they cant get it through their head that it is best to drop a notch in speed and throw strikes. Instead, they throw as hard as they can every time and miss the plate by a small margin and walk players. The more balls a pitcher throws the more pitches he has to throw which leads to his arm tiring earlier in the game. Not to mention the trouble he constantly gets in with runners on base because of his inaccuracy.

The next important thing is to have more than a fastball i your repertoire. A 95mph heater may be able to strike most amateurs out but in the big leagues most of them are there because they can hit the fastball. One of the hardest pitches to hit is a good curve ball. If one has an 80mph sharp curve-ball to compliment a 95 mph fireball, it not only throws a batters timing way off but it also moves out of his swing path as well. A true successful pitcher will usually have three different pitches he can throw. One will never work and with two good pitches you might get by, but to be really good and consistent you need a third pitch.

Another very important factor to being a successful pitcher is your mentality. Every pitcher, no matter how good he is, will face times where his stuff just isn’t there that day and hitters beat up on him. The good pitchers will have the ability to shrug it off and be ready to come out the next time. The great pitchers can shrug it off while they are out there on the mound. Someone hits a home-run off of them? So what, they will get the next guy. The next guy crushes one? So what! He’ll make the next guy pay! One needs the ability to forget what mistakes he has made.

Kevin Eaton

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