2018 Easton Ghost Reviews: My DD Loves This Thing

Easton has once again maintained its reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of softball products by producing this all new 2018 Easton Ghost bats.

As the successor of the already top-notch and high performing Easton MAKO, this new series features several advantages that have thrilled many players since Easton released it in June 2017. Are you excited to discover the things that these new series have to offer?

In this 2018 Easton Ghost review, I will introduce and discuss to you these features in details, and as we learn each of them, get ready to find out the reason why this product is a perfect choice if you are a female and love fastpitch softball games.

2018 Easton Ghost Features

Extra Tough Resin Matrix 

This bat utilizes Easton’s XTX composite technology or simply “XTX” for both the handle and barrel which makes this product extremely durable and suitable to use even after several games.

This feature also provides the performance to its inner barrel and adds compression to the soft outer barrel and makes it more flexible as well.

This unique technology is considered a first class carbon fiber which ensures that the bat remains strong and durable day in and day out. This composite material which is all brand new is also the key to the bat’s construction.

Double Barrel Composite Construction

This revolutionary feature of this softball bat will surely offer its users maximum sound, pop, and feel. This property is made possible by the combination of two full-length barrels which consist of an inner and outer barrel. The outer barrel which has the lowest compression in the game is also softer and extremely flexible.

It creates an explosive sound while the inner barrel is also high performing, has minimal legal compression, and results in no break-in period. This construction allows the bat to have a performance that is hot out of the wrapper.

Apart from coming hot out of the wrapper, this bat also guarantees that you can perform well across several pitch speeds because of its double walled characteristic. Bat speed and slower pitch also offer excellent barrel flex resulting in considerable trampoline effect.

Thus, double walled bats work well for both youngsters who play at slow speeds and college players who play at fast speeds.

However, Easton takes one step further with this product because it includes an inner barrel the full length of the bat. Many believe that this full-length double barrel can maximize the bat’s feel and performance, encouraging players and giving them the confidence they need to have when they are in the game.

Connexion+ technology

Feel the difference of this product because of this advanced feature. Easton redesigns this two-piece, fully composite product for you to experience its enhanced overall feel. It also absorbs and reduces negative vibration for you to avoid any possible sting in your hands, and many players claim that this patented technology is the standard of excellence in the market for two-piece bats.

Experience the stiffer improved connection of Easton Ghost 2018 which is extremely helpful especially when the outer barrel of a bat is more compressible. The reason behind this fact is that soft barrels need to give and transfer as much power as possible to compress its outer barrel.

This feature complements to its ultra thin 29/32 inch handle which is pre-wrapped with the new 1.2mm HYPERSKIN Hex grip to make you feel the extraordinary comfort it offers.

Approved for play in ASA, ISF, and other tournaments

This bat received certifications from ASA (including Fireworks Sparkler and USA Softball) and ISF, making it suitable to use in their tournaments. You can also use it in PGF tournament and Triple crown tournament (depending on location).

This bat is also approved for play in NCAA and Highschool although it is not legal for play in ISA, NSA, and USSSA fastpitch leagues because of its unique construction. I recommend that you get approval from your local league before you remove the wrapper from your bat. Easton Ghost 2018 is highly advisable for ASA players.

Balanced and End loaded

If you decide to use 2018 Easton Ghost, you can select from its two available weight drops which are drop 10 and drop 9. These types of drops are popular and suitable for older hitters.

It means that it is not advisable to use if you are under the age of 12 although some girl hitters who are below 13 may still find this bat comfortable to swing. If you are a young player and excited to use Easton Ghost 2018, do not be discouraged. You can still use it when you grow a little bit older.

Easton designed the drop 10 for a balanced feel while the drop 9 is almost the same bat; however, it has weight added towards its end cap, making it an end loaded bat. Drop 9 is an excellent choice, therefore, for elite players.

The drop 10 is as light as I wish for, and even though the bat utilizes a double wall which can weigh down the bat, it does not compromise its weight. This quality of the bat is because of the new resin composite which does a great job in pushing the bat’s balance point towards its knob, allowing the bat to stay light.

This property pushes down the swing weight, and therefore, offers an extremely great feel. Expect enhanced comfort because of Easton Ghost’s light swing weight.

Huge Sweet Spot

Just like other premium bats, Easton Ghost 2018 takes pride of its extremely long sweet spot which some say feels and looks similar to that of DeMarini CF series.

On top of its large sweet spot is its capacity to create deep and serious contact across the length of the barrel which is certainly a big plus if you are looking for a bat which feels right at your home.

The huge sweet spot is made possible by East Ghost’s barrel which is also long, so expect an extra long barrel like the DeMarini CF Slapper when you purchase this product.

So, Is it worth an upgrade?

After all the things that we discussed in this Easton Ghost 2018 review, what is my final verdict?

Without further ado, I can say that this bat is one of the softball breakthroughs that is worth buying whether you are a novice or a pro. It may not be approved by USSSA yet, but if you are ready to experience its incredible feel and performance, then you can be one of the famous players like Andrea Duran, Kirsti Merritt, and Amanda Kamekona who trust and choose to use this product.

Easton has indeed widened its horizon by creating a bat for female players that offers features which are above mediocre. Explosive sound, max pop, and soft feel are only some of these characteristics that you can enjoy upon using this softball bat.

Also, if you want to have a bat that will remain durable even season after season use, then this bat is what I recommend. The technology that it utilizes is innovation and durability at its best. The double barrel alone gives you a leading edge during a competition.

Combine this technology with its other excellent features, and you’ve got a bat that can be beyond your expectations. It is no doubt that it is the top favorite of many players I know (now including me).

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