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What Makes a Great third Baseman

Third base, otherwise known as the “hot corner” in baseball, requires one to have a strong arm, good range, quick reflexes and a speedy third baseman would give a team a huge advantage. The reason why a third baseman needs quick reflexes is because some of the hardest hit balls are to third base and […]

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Which is The Biggest MLB Scandals of all Time?

Baseball might be America’s favorite pastime, but the sport has had its share of scandals and cheating over the years and it has stretched from owners to the best players to put on a uniform. Pete Rose was a hard nosed player that started his career back in 1963 with the Cincinnati Reds and after […]

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Keys to become a Successful Baseball Pitcher

There are several factors to becoming a successful pitcher. Simply put, the most important factor is simply velocity. Let’s face it, no matter how accurate you are or how much baseball savvy you have, you will be pummeled if you can only throw a 70 mph fastball. So before anyone can even consider becoming successful […]

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