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All about softball and baseball drills. Everything you need to know if you want to master the game!

He Calls Them Like He Sees Them

“Where is your umpire partner?” I asked. “He didn’t show up. I have the whole field.” he said. Oh. My. God. I felt like I was releasing my child to a pack of rabid wolves seated in folding lawn chairs. His voice gets deeper here.He stands taller and adds a swagger to his walk. His […]

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There is Crying in Baseball

I am generally not a crier. Maybe it is my East Coast urban Irish-American coal mining roots, but you probably won’t catch me watching “The Notebook” or The Hallmark Channel. Yesterday I was on a long drive alone returning from a trip to visit family in Upstate New York. “Have you left yet?” my husband […]

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Stop Trying And Just Enjoy The Game

If things are not going to plan, many people have been taught that an appropriate response is to “try harder.” For example, when a career situation is not working out, try harder. If school is a challenge, try harder. If a relationship is on the skids, try harder. If the diet and exercise plan has […]

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To Succeed We Must Fail

A kid was in the batting cage tonight crushing balls off a tee. He had a great looking, very powerful swing, especially for a kid his age. I liked watching him. He really had something. It was clear that he had spent a lot of time and effort perfecting this skill and it was exciting […]

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How to Throw Softball More Heat

If there’s one thing pitchers, and parents of pitchers, and coaches of pitchers love, it’s when they (or their pitcher) throws more heat or is able to increase her pitching speed!  Speed gets attention.  Speed looks good! Most pitchers are constantly trying to improve their pitching and improve their pitching speed. Many pitchers practice pitching a lot to get […]

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