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How to Throw Softball More Heat

If there’s one thing pitchers, and parents of pitchers, and coaches of pitchers love, it’s when they (or their pitcher) throws more heat or is able to increase her pitching speed!  Speed gets attention.  Speed looks good! Most pitchers are constantly trying to improve their pitching and improve their pitching speed. Many pitchers practice pitching a lot to get […]

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Process vs Results – Don’t Get This Wrong!

I have to admit. I see this all the time at youth softball practices. Coaches who are more concerned with the outcome of a play in practice vs the process. Example? Trying watching a youth softball team practice turning a double play. More often than not you’ll probably see coaches satisfied when the ball is fielded […]

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Softball: The Challenge is Not to Become…

I swear, social media is so cool!  If you’re not a part of it yet, you’re totally missing out.  Just this weekend I heard something on the softball field that I thought was “status update worthy.”  So I wrote a tweet to share it with others.  Next thing you know, a coach sees it (Coach […]

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Who Will Be the Next Softball Icon?

  Jennie Finch has been hailed as the most recognized face in the history of softball.  She’s also been called the most influential player in the history of women’s softball – all in the same article no less.  Being a parent to young softball players, one thing I do know is that Jennie Finch is probably the ONEsoftball player that most young softball […]

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How to Follow College Softball on Twitter

About a year ago I noticed a lot more softball people on twitter. Along with that I also noticed quite a few College Athletic Departments using Twitter to keep people updating with what was going on with their sports teams.  This year I’m happy to see lots of College Softball Teams with their own dedicated twitter account.  This way I don’t have to read […]

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