Which is The Biggest MLB Scandals of all Time?

Baseball might be America’s favorite pastime, but the sport has had its share of scandals and cheating over the years and it has stretched from owners to the best players to put on a uniform.

Pete Rose was a hard nosed player that started his career back in 1963 with the Cincinnati Reds and after a career that spanned 24 years as a player and six years as a manager, his days in baseball were over after he accepted a lifetime ban from the game for gambling.

Rose holds the record for hits, games played, at-bats, and outs made by a player, but the gambling scandal shook baseball to its core and the player known as ‘Charlie Hustle’ was ousted from the game he loves and fans are still talking about it today.

1989 was when the rumors started that Rose was betting on baseball, including games in which he was managing, but Rose initially denied the rumors, but outgoing baseball commissioner Peter Ueberroth and his eventual replacement Bartlett Giamatti opened an investigation in February of that year.

Attorney John Dowd was hired to lead the gambling investigation and after three months of interviews and digging into Rose’s personal finances it was discovered that one of the greatest players of all time was not only betting on the game, but averaging nearly $10,000 per day in bets with bookies.

The initial report was meant to be confidential, but the U.S. Court system released the information to the media and by August of 1989, Rose had lost his job as manager of the Reds and reached an agreement with baseball for a permanent ineligibility from the game.

It took Rose until 2002 before he openly admitted to his misconduct and most baseball experts feel it was to get reinstated to the game and earn his right to the Baseball Hall of Fame, but he as the rest of the world found out, no player, manager, or owner is bigger than the game and he was denied acceptance back into baseball.

Rose also got in trouble with the law because of his addiction as the government took the baseball giant to court for concealing income on his tax returns in the mid 80’s. After pleading guilty to the charges, Rose spent 10 months in jail, followed by 1.000 hours of community service and $50,000 in fines, but the biggest slap in the face to the all time hit leader in baseball was the order to seek help with his gambling problem through counseling.

Rose is still loved and admired by many old time baseball fans with the way he played the game and always gave it his all on the field, but despite all his success on the field, Pete Rose will always be remembered more for his actions off the field and the way he disgraced himself and the uniform he loved to wear everyday.

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