The Best Softball Gloves 2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews


ike any other pieces of softball equipment, the best softball gloves you wear and use will definitely have a very telling effect on your softball success. This thing is true whatever position you play or type of softball you are into; also, because there are several brands, versions, and lineups of softball glove products, finding the one most suitable for you takes a lot of understanding and analysis of the features and characteristics of the item you intend to buy.

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Hence, to help you in deciding, I came up with this list which I entitled “The Best Softball Glove 2018“. My goal is that after reading the product reviews and things you need to consider before purchasing, you will discern which one fits you the most.

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The Best Softball Glove of 2018: Fastpich and Slowpitch Gloves You Will Love

A360 Slowpitch Softball Glove: Best of the Best

I have to say this is certainly a quality product of Wilson, this slowpitch softball glove is considered one of the most versatile softball gloves. It fits for almost all positions, and many players including me like it because of its closure which you can readily adjust. This glove’s feature also makes it comfortable to use.

This product’s pigskin leather web and palm will also surely hold up, ensuring that this glove will remain its strength even during hard use. It also fits almost any types and sizes of hands except exceptionally huge ones.

Also, It is a softball glove that even beginners will find convenient to use. Many friends of mine who use it claim that it is a well-priced glove because of its durability. This item is also a perfect pick for you if your hands are large, and you have a hard time finding a mitt that fits.

A360 comes in two different sizes which are 13″ and 14″. This product has a closed back, and its web is v-lace which helps you play all over the softball field. Its Velcro wrist strap which helps you to adjust the tightness allows you also to set it to the right setting.


Rawlings Renegade Softball Glove Series: Runner-up

This Softball Glove is known for having a Basket Web pattern which is essential in making the gloves more flexible especially when you are making a catch.

It has 14” pattern which provides a pocket that is deeper and which can hold a softball that is up to 12″. It also has a wider web which helps give a bigger catching surface.

Also, this product is popular among players because it offers a game-ready feel. Its palms have an all leather construction which enhances its durability. Additionally, this feature gives a prolonged shape retention.

The Rawlings Renegade Softball Glove Series’ pro-mesh back is lightweight which maximizes the comfort that it provides. As a protection from impact, this product also utilizes a palm and index finger padding. Other features include the gloves’ flex back design.

The velcro straps also create an optimum control as well as custom fit for players who use this gloves. It is a perfect glove for adults, and its manufacturers design it for outfielders.


Mizuno Franchise GXS90F2 34″ Adult Women’s Fastpitch Softball Catcher’s Mitt: Also Great

This fastpitch softball glove is well-liked by many players because of its Java leather construction which is pre-oiled. It is another game-ready softball glove which holds its shape for several seasons. Apart from its Java leather, this product also utilizes V-Flex Notch which helps eliminate restriction in the mitt’s hinge part and helps it close quickly.

Mizuno 34″ also has double hinge heel that allows the mitt to have a wider pocket which is ideal for a softball. Another feature that this glove possesses is the Parashock Plus Palm Pad useful in eliminating hands sting while deadening the impact of the caught ball as it also helps in absorbing the shock

This glove is ideal for women fastpitch softball players for two reasons: First, it has a velcro wrist strap which you can adjust and, second, it has a power lock feature. It also has a simple yet secured fit.

With these features, this glove is considered a first-rate glove that offers practicality, flexibility, and strength. If you are a player who is behind the home plate, this is a perfect glove for you. Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove utilizes an H web and a 34″ Catchers.


Louisville Slugger XENO First Base Mitts: Also Great

With this latest product of the reputable manufacturer of softball items, Louisville Slugger XENO is now a popular brand not only for its fastpitch bats but also for its softball gloves as well.

Louisville also designed this product for female softball players, and they uniquely made it for people who have hands which are small-sized. It has a wrist lining which makes use of soft pigskin which strengthens support and which improves its secure fit. Louisville also assures added protection because of the product’s bruise-guard palm padding as this characteristic of the bat helps in absorbing ball impact.

Louisville Slugger Xeno Softball Gloves is a game-ready equipment because of the combination of top-notch leather and extremely soft inner lining. If you wear this glove for the first time, you will feel and notice an immediate comfort because it has a smooth feel, a visually appealing style, and robust construction.

Apart from being high-quality, the groundout leather that makes up this softball gloves is guaranteed to be field-ready and pre-conditioned which is helpful in reducing break-in provide but still offers shape and structure which can last for several seasons. The size of this bat is 13 inches.


Rawlings Renegade Softball Glove: Also Great

This product is another item from the Rawling Renegade Series. It is a perfect product if you ar elite or adult player, and it is popular among anglers because it offers a game-ready feel right off the shelf.

This softball glove’s palm construction is all leather which helps in enhancing the product’s durability. It has 10% player break-in, and even after wearing or using this gloves, you can still expect it to have an exceptional extended shape retention. Just like the other items from the same lineup, its back is pro-mesh which weighs less than other gloves resulting in optimized flexibility and comfort and more success when catching balls.

To maximize impact protection, Rawling Renegade utilizes a palm and index finger padding as well as a design called Neo flex back that has Velcro straps essential for control and custom fit.

Also, the basket-web creates a deep pocket that is closed, making it an excellent choice if you are a pitcher or an infielder. It also comes in right or left-handed configuration. It is certainly a product I find ideal whether you engage yourself in casual or serious games.


Mizuno Premier GPM1404: Our Editor’s Choice

This slowpitch softball glove is another quality product which will give you an edge especially if you are on your softball team’s defense. The manufacturers of this product make the mesh inserts periodically distributed throughout the gloves, a useful feature which lessens the glove’s overall weight without compromising its durability. It has a Tartan U Web design which Mizuno utilizes exclusively for softball.

One remarkable feature of this item is its Polyurethane Powerlock technology that has a pull tab which guarantees that it offers a simple yet secure fit. It has a closed back and a single finger which matches almost any player’s hands as you can customize its fit. It also features a ButterSoft lining which surrounds the palm and which offers an elegant and extremely comfortable feel when you use it and which assures that this gloves can last for several seasons.

Another feature which makes this product stand out is its Parashock Palm Pad which both helps in eliminating and absorbing the shock to your hand and in giving excellent protection to its users.

Along with these characteristics, Mizuno Premier’s full grain leather shell also enhances the product’s overall durability. It has a deep pocket, and it comes in black color. The size is 14 inches, and it is a perfect choice whether you are an infielder or outfielder or a pitcher. I certainly consider this item a great glove that has a very reasonable price.


Prodigy 12 in Youth Outfield Glove: Best Bang for Your Buck

The pro design features which include all-leather shell construction, as well as Prodigy Youth Pro Taper patterns of this gloves, gives players a cutting edge during the game. Rawlings made the hand openings of this product small, and they lower its finger stalls.

All of these features make Rawlings Sporting Goods Prodigy Series the perfect gloves if you are a transitioning athlete who is finding a pro-style model suitable for your increasing hand size. The soft full-grain leather shells of this glove also break in quickly while still keeping its shape and quality.

This product is for outfielders and young players as well. Its player break-in is 20%. It has a conventional back and a 3D Foam lining. Its size is 12 inches, and its basket web is Pro H. This glove is available in brown color.

Many colleagues of mine find this item one of the quality products that are appropriate to use for their kids or grandchildren. It is also the same gloves I give to my nine-year-old sibling who is an outfielder. It was quite stiff at first, but it just needed a little oiling, and it works well.


How To Choose The Best Softball Glove

I have listed here the essential factors that you should consider before purchasing a softball glove.

Gloves by position

You need to distinguish your position when you play before you buy a glove. If you find out that the place in the field you think you will play for is not for you, your softball glove will just be worthless, and it is going to be a waste of money. You have to remember that when you purchase a glove, it is like an investment already.

Even though there are softball gloves that you can purchase at a very affordable cost, you still have to consider first your position. The right time for you to check the feature of the product that you want is after you determine your playing position.

Types of throwing

You have to familiarize yourself also with the two types of throwing before deciding what softball glove you should purchase. The two kinds of hurling are right-hand throwing and left-hand throwing. Right-hand throwing is when you throw the ball using your right hand with the glove on your left hand while left-hand throwing is when you pitch the ball using your left hand with the glove on your right. Apparently, the terms pertain to what hand you are using when you are hurling the ball.


Manufacturers use synthetic leathers in producing most of the softball gloves, while others utilize the ones that are authentic. If your game is just casual, what you need is the synthetic leather. Many softball players prefer this one because of its glossy appearance. This kind of glove is affordable, yet it provides good performance.


Your preferred padding is also a factor that you have to consider.  Your position when you play determines this factor. Several softball positions need gloves with more padding compared to others. For instance, the players who have the most protection and padding are the catchers. Those who need moderate padding are the infielders and outfielders, while the pitcher’s gloves require minimum padding.


There are some softball gloves where you can find extra protective padding, while others have none. This matter is depending on your position in the game. For instance, the glove of a catcher should have no separate space for every finger. It is for grabbing the ball quicker, and it requires the most padding. The gloves of the outfielders and infielders have finger padding, while the glove of the pitcher has none.


If you are a softball catcher, you have to acquire a glove that has the maximum weight. Heavyweight is important for catchers because they have to chase the ball without feeling any hurts from their hands. The gloves that have medium weight must be for infielders and outfielders as they have medium padding. Meanwhile, the minimum weight should be for pitchers.


Regarding size, the mitts of the catcher must be the largest. Next to that are the gloves of the players who are on the first base. In decreasing order, the next ones are the gloves of the outfielders followed by the pitcher, and third base. Usually, the smallest size belongs to the players of the second base. Even though some softball games are not adhering to this matter, this sequence is the ideal. Sizes may still vary especially for the last three I mentioned.


The heel part of some gloves is padded well, while others have a light layer of protection and padding.

Back of glove

Some gloves contain more padding and protection on their rear part, but other gloves do not. You have to check the product that you will buy for this factor. When you go to the store to buy your softball gloves, you have to wear it so you would know if it provides protection from the back.


Basket web, Closed web, I-web, Dual Post web, Trapeze web, Modified Trapeze web, and Single Post web are some of the many types of webbings that you can see in softball gloves. For infielders, the kind webbing that is most common has a looser stitch, and it provides more control for getting the ball out faster. Aside from that, it also does not get huge clumps of dirt because of it.

Pocket size

The size of the pocket of an outfielder’s glove is larger than infielders’. Thus, it allows outfielders to chase fly balls with less difficulty. Second baseman and shortstops typically possess a shallower pocket that helps them to release the ball from their glove faster especially when they are on double plays.

Wrist Adjustments

Some manufacturers are producing gloves that have wrist adjustments. This factor allows softball players to wear the glove comfortably, and it also lets them take on and put off the glove without any difficulty. These could either be a buckle system, Velcro, D-ring fastener, laced.

To summarize the things I have discussed, you can check the video below from HowcastSportsFitness.

Our Final Verdict

Did you enjoy learning the things about the products I listed?

You may still need more time to decide which one is the perfect choice for you, and that is no surprise because each item has countless benefits. As for me, I believe the Wilson A360 Slowpitch Softball Glove has all the characteristics I need for a softball glove. With its durability and advanced technology, I can always rest assured that it will give me the performance that almost any player desires as well as the materials that can withstand the test of time. Price check is here.

If this article helps you in selecting the best softball glove 2018 has, please feel free to write your thoughts or ideas in the comments section below or share this writing piece with your friends.

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