Best Slow pitch Softball Bats – Now You Can Score More Home Runs With The Top Asa bats Ever

Well, we’ve seen loads of posts on the Internet, Twitter and Facebook claiming which are the best slowpitch softball bats of 2019. Usually this is referring to performance, which is what most players are concerned about and rightfully so. Each player will have different thoughts, so if possible do your research to see which bat fits your swing the best. You can then find that bat that fits you amongst the large selection of slow pitch softball bats on this website.

By the way, you may know our latest reviews of best softball bats for 2019 and best fastpitch softball bats available this year. Let us know your thought about them.

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best slow pitch softball bats 2019

 Best Slow pitch Softball Bat 2019 – Top 5 Picks 

#1 – Louisville Slugger Z4: Our Editor’s Choice

This bat is  a top quality slow pitch sofball bat Slugger has ever produced. It contains pure carbon composite fibers; thus, it provides an exceptional durability and performance through its composite construction which is Pure 360.

The Grit Blast Finish on the barrel enhances the back spin of the bat which results in a more long distance and carries.

The patented feature of Slugger which is the TRU3 technology also improves the handle and the barrel’s connection system by letting them make movements independent of each other. This quality produces control to the vibration of the bat which is essential in maintaining the acceleration through the impact.

louisville slugger best slowpitch softball bats ever

Due to the controlled vibration, this same technology gives a full incomparable contact with other bats. It does not let the batter have hand stings because it absorbs the vibration from miss hit balls before coming to the hands of the batter. When I first experienced it, I realized that it was so amazing.

USSSA, NSA, and ISA allow this softball bat in their tournaments. The length of this softball bat’s barrel is 12 inches, and its barrel diameter is 2 1/4 inches. The measure of the handle which is a tapered one is 7/8 inches.

The stiffer connection of this bat also enhances power transfer. If you want a great pop and a swing with a real smooth feeling, this softball bat is what I recommend for you. The sizes that are available for this softball bat are 34/26 and 34/27.


#2: Miken Freak Platinum: One of the Best Baseball bats

Many softball enthusiasts claim that this baseball bat is one of the best bats approved by asa usssa that is now available on the market. Its design is unique because it is four-piece and at the same time fully composite.

Miken Freak also makes use of advanced technologies to come up with this quality slowpitch softball bat.

miken dc-41 supermax usssa slow pitch bat (mdc17u)Another great innovation of this softball bat is its technology which is called “Tetra core” which makes use of an inner tube useful in enhancing the compression and which results in outstanding overall responsiveness when hitting the ball.

Meanwhile, the outer core offers an increase in flex, unbeatable durability and improved sweet spot. In addition to that, the 100 COMP feature of Miken Freak Platinum Maxload asa usssa gives optimum performance at its plate because of the 100% aerospace grade fibers.

The bat’s Sensi-Flex technology lessens hands stings as it allows the transfer of energy from the bat’s handle to its barrel reducing negative vibration in the handler’s hand.

The barrel diameter of Miken Freak Platinum asa usssa Slowpitch Softball Bat is 2 1/4 inches while its barrel length is 14 inches. The end load is half an ounce making it suitable for heavy hitters. All the black, green, and platinum models received certification from asa usssa, and it is available in three which sizes are 34/26, 34/28, and 34/27.


#3 – Worth Legit – My Coach loves this, One of The Most sought after slow pitch Bats

This Softball bat is another product of Worth Signature Series that has two-piece, fully composite design. There are several important features of this bat. The first one is its 220+ advantage which is a unique process its manufacturer uses to increase the extent of-of carbon fibers in the bat’s barrel.

It is also important in increasing the sweet spot and optimizing the overall performance of the barrel’s entire surface. This feature also makes the bat more durable.

worth slow pitch softball bats

The barrel of this bat makes use of Worth’s CF100 blend which lightens its weight and makes carbon fiber barrel 100% more durable even if you use it for a long time. Apart from giving the bat a light weight, CF100 Tech of its 2-Pc Technology provides this softball bat rigid materials which optimize flex and weight of the swing.

The True 1 Tech helps in reducing all flash points, and thus, providing seamless 360 barrel which also enhances performance and bat’s durability.

This softball bat also utilizes the Flex 50 technology. Its extremely thin flex 50 handle offers excellent feel and whip through the hitting zone which is also essential in giving you high confidence that your ball will travel a longer distance.

ISA, NSA, and USSSA have approved this softball bat for play in their tournaments. It has balanced swing weight, and the barrel length is 13.50 inches while its barrel diameter is 2 1/4 inches.

It also comes in three sizes which are 34/26, 34/27, and 34/28. This bat is one of the slow pitch bats that I use. For me, it is simply amazing because of its incredible hot out of the wrapper performance.


#4: Easton Bomb Squad – Becoming Top of The Line

This softball bat is another product from Bomb Squad Series. It features several specifications which are ideal if you want added control, a softer feel, and improved sweet spot. Aside from these qualities, you can also obtain power when using it through its swing speed which is extremely fast.

Easton Bryson Baker Balanced asa usssa Softball Bat is also a 2-piece bat, and its design is 100% composite.This bat utilizes IMX Advanced Composite which is a tested feature known for optimizing sweet spot responsiveness while enhancing overall performance as well.

easton slow pitch softball batsThe bat has SIC Black Carbon Handle which makes it stiffer, and this feature is essential in increasing strength.

CXN or ConneXion Technology which is a patented feature of Easton combines the spiral-wrapped and stiff composite handle of the bat which is made of SIC Black Carbon to the IMX, to make sure that it utilizes the energy a player gives.

This feature of the bat also reduces vibration which gives hitters a comfortable feel. Another characteristic of this bat is its 1.2mm HYPERSKIN Grip which enhances feel while improving the power for each swing.

Easton Bryson Baker Balanced USSSA Softball Bat has also received approval from ISA, NSA, SSUSA, and USSSA. It has 229/32 inch handle size, and the length of its barrel is 13.5 inches with the barrel diameter of 2 1/4 inches.

The balanced swing weight offers complete control through its hitting zone, and there are two available sizes to choose from which are 34/27 and 34/28.


#5 – DeMarini Flipper OG: Also Great

The composite materials that have two layers make this bat known in the market, and there is an air gap that is in between the two layers. The quality makes this softball bat create an outstanding sweet spot responsiveness.

The length of the divergence barrel is 13 inches, and it also gives an extreme performance specifically when hitting a ball that has low compression with excessive COR.

“Reverse hybrid,” a combination of aluminum handle and composite barrel, is what Demarini uses for the design of this bat. It contributes stiffness in the ZnX Alloy Handle of the bat. This improved overall stiffness and durability make the bat’s handle to flex not so much while making the barrel to get a better deflection.

demarini slowpitch softball bats

This popular softball bat of Demarini also has a concave-designed Dish End Cap that builds more stiffness at the end of the barrel. This design can also help you move the energy to the sweet spot. Apart from the balanced design of this bat, it also has a handle that is very flexible.

As a one of the latest softball bat in the Flipper series of DeMarini, it has received an asa usssa certification, and I like to use it as it provides an amazing experience when smashing the ball. Thus, it makes my opponents unaware on what they hurl at them. The options for the sizes of this bat are 34/26, 34/27, and 34/28. 



Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Right Slowpitch Bat

While you may already have a picture in your mind about the softball bat you intend to buy, I would like to remind you of some of the most important factors you need to remember to help you in choosing the right slowpitch softball bat.


As compared to fastpitch, slow pitch bats are heavier. The reason for this fact is that light ones allow players to make a quicker response to a pitch that is fast-moving. The usual weight of fastpitch bats is from 23 to 28 ounces. Slowpitch ones, on the other hand, weigh from 26 to 30 ounces.

Furthermore, slowpitch softball bats can be either balanced or end loaded. The major differences lie on the weight distribution.

As the name implies, balanced bats have weight evenly distributed all throughout the bat. In the end loaded bats, most of the weight is oriented towards bat’s end, resulting in longer distance and making it a perfect choice for power hitters.

Base hitters may prefer balanced models because it provides more control as well as smoother swing.


The usual length of slowpitch softball bat is 34 inches. The length that is appropriate for a player depends on his/her weight. Long-sized bats offer the best reach and allow players to connect with pitches on the plate’s other side as well. Length and width also work hand in hand in providing swing power and speed.

It will be helpful if you check some websites to know these characteristics of your bat, but I recommend that you try and swing the bats with your hands in the shop so that you will have an actual feel of them.

Barrel Size 

The length of the barrel refers to the distance between a bat’s grip and sweet spot. Your height, league, and level in playing are some of the things you need to take into account when knowing the right barrel size.

Players below 12 years of age may find a barrel diameter of two and quarter inches appropriate for them, while older players may use a bat with a barrel size of up to 2 5/8 inches.


It is also important to consider the materials that make up the bat that you intend to buy. There are three common materials bat manufacturers use, and these are aluminum, composite, and wooden softball bats.

Aluminum softball bats – amateur slowpitch softball players typically prefer this type of construction because they have a light weight yet they can also last for a long time.

Slowpitch bats made of Aluminum are usually either single or double-layered. Double-layer construction offers greater rebound and power as compared to the single-layer ones.

Composite softball bats – the composition of these softball bats are mostly fiberglass, graphite, and resin. Compared to aluminum bats, composite bats have lighter weight, and this feature helps players gain more power while allowing them to swing quickly at the same time. Because these bats have large sweet spots, many professionals use them. Furthermore, they have an excellent balance too.

Wooden softball bats – these types of bats may be the most traditional ones, and some leagues organize games which only allow the use of these kinds of bats. In spite of smaller sweet spot, high breakage chances, and less power, there are still batters who use wooden bats because they come in several shape and taper options.

Bat Taper

This part of the bat refers to the connection between the handle and the barrel. It is considered a transitional area which is smooth and is typically 31″, 32″, 33″, 34″.

At first, I did not know how important this thing was until I learned that bats with small tapers make them feel lighter while producing a quick wrist movement. Be wise in purchasing by checking your target bat’s taper.


This characteristic of the bat is one of my primary considerations when shopping for softball bats. Find the top softball bat by knowing which one makes your hands feel comfortable. There are also bats with cushioning that absorbs shock and therefore provides excellent grip.

You can always choose to change the grip, but you do not want to pay an extra at the same time, so I suggest that you make this feature one of your priorities and find the one which has the best grip before purchasing. Reading reviews will be helpful. 


It is important that the bat you purchase received approval for play from the major leagues such as USSSA and ASA. These associations have strict guidelines and ensure that the bat you use meets the industry standards. Furthermore, they usually test the softball bats before they approve them. All you need to do is to check with your league to know if your bat has received certification from them.

Best SlowPitch Softball Bats Concluded

I hope these softball bat reviews helped you to decide about the best softball bat 2019 for you.

While there are probably hundreds of versions and models available now in the market which promise to deliver the best performance, durability, and strength, you still need to choose one that meets your needs and preferences.

So, among all these slow pitch softball bat reviews, which one would be my top favorite? For me, it is hard to come up with one but, the features of Louisville Slugger Z4, I believe, stands out.

With the advanced technology that it utilizes and robust construction that it provides, this bat almost always gives me exceptional comfort and performance I simply love.

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