Top 5 Best ASA Softball Bats 2018: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews


he Amateur Softball Association certifies the best ASA softball bats for play. Any bat not approved by this governing body will not be allowed in any ASA match. The softball bats are tested by ASA to perform within a specific limit so that all players have the same level of playing field whatever bat they use in the match.

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This organization is also the oldest softball association in the world. They are also the one who build the National Softball Hall of Fame and Museum as well as the ASA Hall of Fame Stadium. Some of the well-known events like World Cup of Softball and NCAA Big 12 Conference were held. At present, the ASA has more than 3 million players, thousands of league officials and umpires and have offices in 50 states.

Types of ASA Softball Bats

Slowpitch and fastpitch are the two types of ASA softball bats. The slowpitch bats are used in games which do not involve a very high-speed pitching. While the fastpitch bats are intended for games that include pitching that requires more velocity.

The Difference Between ASA and USSSA Softball Bats

Performance is the primary identifying factor between the two regulating association. But ASA is considered to be the regulating association with the strictest guideline for bats. For example, ASA approved bats should follow the 98 mph batted-ball standard speed. For USSSA as well as in other organizations they allow a much better 100 plus mph batted ball speed and a 1.20 BPF or Bat Performance Factor or more.

Top 5 Best ASA Softball Bats 2018: Never Buy Junk Again

#1 – DeMarini ASA Mercy 17 Slow Pitch BatBest of the Best

Important Features

  • 2 ¼” Barrel Diameter
  • 2-Piece bat construction
  • 4 One composite handle and barrel
  • ASA approved
  • Balanced swing weight
  • One-year warranty

The DeMarini ASA Mercy 17 only weighs around 26 oz. It is made explicitly for female ASA players. Because of the control and fast swing speed of this bat, it is considered as one of the most famous slowpitch softball bats in 2017-2018.

The Mercy bat has an all-composite build which gives the bat the right amount of flex, having a long 13” barrel length and a powerful sweet spot.

It also features a Big D End Cap which provides more swing momentum to the bat by boosting the end load. Because of this feature, you will be able to target the incoming softball accurately on the sweet area, hitting it strongly into longer distances.

The DeMarini ASA handle has .6mm grip which enables players to hold the bat with a firm grip when swinging it on the plate.

At the bottom of the bat, you will find the RCK Knob that will add stability to the player’s grip and ensures a smooth swing.

What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Swings easy
  • Generates lots of speed
  • Great design

What We Don't Like
  • It is made only for women
  • Quite expensive

In spite of being expensive, the DeMarini Mercy continues to be one of the most favorite bats for women. We highly recommend this product because it has many features that can help ASA players play the game efficiently. With the DeMarini Mercy bat, you don’t have to exert too much effort to hit the ball hard.

#2 – Easton Salvo ASA/USSSA Slow-Pitch BatAlso Great (com)

Important Features

  • 20 BPF Certified w/ Thumbprint Stamp
  • 100% IMX Composite
  • 29/32” Very Thin Handle
  • Certified by USSSA, ISF, ASA, ISA, and NSA
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • Gauze Batting Grip
  • One-Year Warranty

The Easton Salvo composite is one of the famous one-piece bats, and this alone can prove that it is of good quality. It has a balanced swing weight but remains suitable for both power and contact hitters.

The model has been approved by the ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISF, and ISA that uses the IMX Advanced Composite Technology to boost the sweet spot.

The Easton slowpitch bat size is 2 ¼ inch barrel having a diameter of 13.5 inches and an Ultra-Thin Gauze Grip handle.

A one-piece that when you hit the ball, it feels great. It has no vibrations and sting, and thus it will help you enjoy the game.

The IMX Advanced Composite makes Easton bats unique, and it’s because the technology boosts the sweet spot to make sure you will always get amazing hits.

What We Like

  • Fantastic pop right off the wrapper.
  • Large enough sweet spot.
  • Great feeling when it gets in contact with the ball.
  • Fair price as compared to others.
  • Approved by several governing bodies.
  • Available in different colors.
  • The graphics are simple yet attractive.

What We Don't Like
  • You might need to replace the grip because of its uncomfortable looks.
  • It will not work for players who prefer two-piece designs.

Choosing a slowpitch bat is not easy. But if you focus on quality at an affordable price, you can consider Easton Salvo Composite. It is a one-piece bat, so there is no need for you to break it in. It also has a fantastic sweet spot and a good feeling when that ball gets in contact with the bat. Although it has some drawbacks, the benefits you can get from it can hide those negative features.


3 – Louisville Slugger End-Load Super Z 17 ASA Soft Ball Bat – Also Great (com)

Important Features

  • Grit blast finish on barrel boost back spin
  • 7/8 inch tapered handle
  • With 2004 ASA Certification mark
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty

The Louisville Slugger End-Load has 100% composite designs and is tuned to maximum performance within each governing bodies it is certified for. The Super Z uses S1iD Technology that enables the barrel to move to its maximum allowed performance level.

To prevent the barrel from flexing over the legal limit, it has two inner discs placed in the barrel at the sweet spot. For players, it means they actually can get optimum performance allowable and a more significant performing sweet spot.

The latest in this model is the iST Xs Technology produces an even stiffer bond between the handle and the barrel of this two-piece bat.

The Louisville Slugger Super Z is approved for play by ASA, NSA, ISF, USSSA, and ISA. One-year warranty backs each Super Z bat.

What We Like

  • Feel great on the hand.
  • Have stiffer bond between the handle and the barrel.
  • Certified by several governing bodies.
  • With two inner discs to prevent it from flexing
  • Thin and light

What We Don't Like
  • For those who are on a budget, it is a bit higher as compared to others.

If you are looking for a bat that is designed with a 100% composite, the Louisville Slugger Super Z is a good option. The technology used in the barrel-to-handle connection is superb. It maintains the handle stiffness is providing you a solid feel and a bigger sweet spot.


#4 – DeMarini ONE OG Slow Pitch Softball Bat – Also Great (com)

Important Features

  • 13” Barrel Length
  • Concave Dish End Cap that Drives Power Back Toward the Sweet Spot
  • Full one-year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Two-Piece Construction – alloy handle/ composite barrel
  • RCK Knob – Fits Bottom Hand Perfectly for a Comfortable hold
  • .6mm grip Ultra-Thin
  • ZnX Alloy Handle
  • Certified by ASA, ISA, USSSA, and NSA

One of the hottest bat this year is the DeMarini One OG Slow Pitch Bat. It comes with a substantial 13-inch handle that enables to pack a barrel with an excellent sweet spot. DeMarini has built this bat from composite material so that there is a small air gap between two layers of composite material in the barrel.

It enables the bat’s barrel to provide a lot of trampoline effect and hit the softball even farther on the field. The bat’s overall design is quite advanced, padding a Dish End Cap which aids in balancing the swing of the channel and bat all the power of a swing into the barrel. It has a ZnX alloy handle that is perfect for a powerful hit.

It does not bounce that much because the handle is rigid during a hit and intensifies the strength of a swing to be directed into the barrel without allowing it to do on the handle. It only means that if you want some great hit, this bat will surely hit the balls all over the field. ASA certified can be used in all ASA matches. The bat is 34” in length and weight options of 26, 27, and 28 ounces.

What We Like

  • The ZnX alloy handle reduces flex as it boosts the barrel performance.
  • Concave design of the dish end cap pushes energy towards sweet spot.
  • The divergence barrel produces a very responsive sweet spot.
  • Short break-in period.

What We Don't Like
  • If used in cold weather, you may notice webbing on your barrel.


#5 – 2017 Miken Supermax DC-41 ASA – Best Bang For the Buck (com)

Important Features

  • Denny Crine Signature softball bat
  • One-Year Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Unique four pieces 100% composite softball bat

The Miken DC-41 2017 is a slowpitch softball bat that is available in ASA model. Power hitters will surely love the full ounce endload signature SuperMax. This four-piece bat is 100% composite that merges with the latest technology that Miken can provide to create a unique item.

This bat uses Tetra-Core technology an inner tube to boost compression for impressive receptiveness on the ball. The external core can provide flex, an improved sweet spot, and better durability. Also, Miken’s 100 COMP material utilizes 100% aerospace grade fibers to offer high performance at the plate.

If you are thinking of the experience sting in the hands, then you should stop. The bat applies the Sensi-Flex technology that transfers the energy from the handle to the barrel to boost swing speed into the zone as it gets rid of all the negative vibrations in the hands.

The 2017 Miken features a 2 ¼” barrel diameter just like others, a substantial 14-inch barrel length, and a smooth black with neon yellow color. This model is approved only by ASA.

What We Like

  • The Triple Matric Core gets rid of the wall seams for optimum performance and durability.
  • Flex 2 Power provides more handle flex to deliver greater end loaded feel without adding more weight on the bat.
  • 100% premium aerospace grade fiber to increase strength.

What We Don't Like
  • Less flex as compared to standard Mikens
  • Smaller sweet spot

If you love Miken but want something with a bit less flex, this is a good choice. Although it provides small sweet spot, it can crush if you hit it hard. The exit speed is exceptional and can clear 300-foot fences. This Miken has a better balanced feel as compared to other Mikens lineup.

Our Final Verdict: The Winner

Finding the best 2018 ASA softball bat may not be that easy, but if you are aware of the features that you are looking for, you will inevitably end up with the right one. We have reviewed five of the best softball bats on the market today. All of these bats are certified by different governing bodies which give you the assurance that it will work well and meet your expectations.

After completing this review, there is one bat that stood out, and we highly recommend it to softball players particularly to women players. We find DeMarini ASA Mercy 17 Slow Pitch Bat as the best ASA Softball Bats among the five products reviewed. Those who are already using this bat would agree to us when we say it is the best. You may find DeMarini ASA Mercy 17 expensive, but once you use it, you would say it’s worth it. It has excellent design, lightweight, and generates lots of speed. For men, I suggest The Easton Salvo would be the right ASA bat you are looking for.

For those who are on a budget, you can choose the 2017 Miken DC-41 Supermax ASA. This model is a good alternative for expensive bats. It features the Deny Crine signature bat. For added strength, it is made of 100% aerospace grade feature. It does not add weight to it. Thus it remains light and easy to swing.

Hope this post helps you find the right asa bat for your game in 2018 season. If you find this review helpful to you feel free to share it with others or you can make a comment below.

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