Some Baseball Facts Even Hardcore Fans Might Not Know

Like the candid camera that catches a rare picture and records it, sometimes weird things happen in baseball. Things that are unexpected – some are hilarious some are definitely not. We are not waiting for them to happen, they just do, and the camera is sometimes able to record them for history and sometimes it is just word of mouth and a record is created.

Hardcore fans think that they know everything about baseball, but some of these facts they do not know anything about and will never be duplicated. It would be interesting to get a glimpse at some of these occurrences, after all, America has a long-standing love affair with baseball.

  • A hilarious event was when Bobby Richardson won the World Series, you will go on to say that is great – sure – except that he was playing for the Yankees in 1960 against the pirates and gave the final winning game to the Pirates.
  • Clarence Blethen, a rookie pitcher with the Red Sox in 1923 took off his false teeth and put them in his pocket. It is hilarious but really painful for him though that he forgot about them and stealing second; his teeth clamped on him. Well, he literally bit himself in the butt. You can get cheap MLB tickets without service fees from here to enjoy live game actions and sometimes be part of historic moments.
  • Here we get to learn about the biggest and strangest players’ trade ever. In 1957 the Cubs were not achieving anything, and the Dodgers wanted to try something new, so they traded or in other words exchanged all 25 players with each other!
  • Anger driving him at his team’s inability to get anyone out, Jack McCarthy took matters into his own hands and took not one, or two but three runners. It has not been repeated in history since 1905.
  • Any baseball game lasts around 3 hours, but the shortest game ever was played on September 28, 1919. It lasted only 51 minutes when the Giants defeated the Phillies 6-1 at the Polo Grounds. Well, that was not just fast work but certainly great.
  • It is certainly a strange fact to play for two teams in one season, but Joel Youngblood was a center for the Mets and struck his first at-bat then followed it by a single. Only to be told after the game that he had been traded to the Expos. Arriving he caught them mid-game and recorded a second hit – all in a day. All he had done was change his city and his uniform!
  • Talk about achievements and variations; Don Baylor played in three consecutive world series except that it was for three different teams.
  • A catcher’s apparatus was proposed in 1904, a big wire cage to replace the glove and helmet! It certainly didn’t catch on.
  • Born without a right hand did not deter pitcher Jim Abbott and he had ten seasons as a baseball career.
  • For a player to lead the league in homers for seven years is certainly strange but what is strange is that they were Ralph Kiner’s first seven years in the major league.

History is to be blamed and thanked for recording these and so many more, for those who want to find out about baseball’s pranks and painful happening.

Kevin Eaton

Hello! I’m Kevin – an openly biased Baltimore Orioles fan; a youth baseball parent; an obsessive-compulsive scorekeeper; a travelling ballpark tourist and a taste tester of defiantly unhealthy ballpark culinary offerings. In this space I share my love for the game of baseball and in doing so, connect with other really great people who love the game as much as I do.

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