Axe Origin USA Youth Bat 2018 Review: Hesitant First, Impressed Later

 Axe Bat 2018 ORIGIN USABat (-8) Baseball Bat

 Axe Bat 2018 ORIGIN USABat (-8) Baseball Bat

2018 Origin USABat (-8) 2-5/8″ Baseball: Our Summary

The Axe Bat 2018 ORIGIN USABat is one exceptional youth baseball bats that exist today. It features a myriad of new innovations that improve its overall quality and performance. In fact, you can even compare it with its close cousins, the Axe Element and Axe Elite.

From the get-go, the bat offers a single-piece design. It is crafted from the tough LP1 alloy material that can somehow negate negative impact and vibration. The entire barrel has a 2-5/8-inch design to ensure that it has the good durability and stronger pop. This bat has been revamped as well so that it can have a large sweet spot. Specifically, it can offer a full 270-degree area of contact.

Meanwhile, the handle of this bat comes with the patented HyperWhip end cap. This particular tweak on the Axe Origin lessened its overall weight. Simultaneously, it also increases the length of the barrel and the speed of the swing that it can do. The balance of speed and power in this bat can never be found on most of its counterparts.

Overall, the value of this bat is already attested by many coaches and players. We are just here to relay some other details that would introduce you to the qualities of the Axe 2018 Origin.

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2018 Axe Origin USA Bat Review: Our Recommendations

It is not an exaggeration that the Axe Bat 2018 ORIGIN USABat is one of the most esteemed youth baseball bats on the market today. It has all the features that a developing or practicing player needs. It has a decent pop and large sweet spot to deliver all those balls flying high.

However, we already expected that the power of this bat will just be second to other high-end Axe USA Bats. Fortunately, the deficiency in power is not that great. You can still send the ball flying with enough pop and explosiveness that can make your head turn.

On the other hand, the balance and speed of this bat are exceptional. The bat is ultra responsive thanks to its lightweight design. That feature makes the bat actually a great utility for youth players. The Axe Origin can help them improve their swing speed without losing their accuracy and form.

All of the things that we discovered about this bat are listed below.

Axe Origin USA Bat Review: Pop

We used this bat to hit hundreds of balls. We were particularly curious about the pop and hitting capacity that the Axe Bat 2018 ORIGIN USABat can offer. After numerous strong hits, we learned that this baseball bat could provide exceptional line drives. You can observe this quality even on your first try. However, the distance in which it can send the ball is not that far. We can say that on this aspect, the Axe Origin is moderate or within the average mark.

The bat is not for optimizing the power of your hits. It is already a given since the updated USA bat standards have restricted the pop of youth baseball bats. Therefore, all of the 2018 bats will just have a slight difference in performance with the 2017 bats. The pop is still there, but it is not as overwhelming as we have thought.

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Axe Origin USA Youth Bat 2018 Review: Vibration Control

One of the best aspects of the Axe Bat 2018 ORIGIN USABat is its ability to control the vibrations while contact. We are not saying that the vibrations were gone. Instead, we are just emphasizing that it was put into a minimum. There are minimal stinging sensations that can be felt with this baseball bat, making it a smooth tool to yield.

The only recommendation that we can give to you is to keep your pitch at a moderate level. Specifically, this bat can perform the best if the pitch speed will not exceed 60 miles per hour. Any higher than this will render the bat unstable and inaccurate. Also, we have to tell you that the vibration protection of this bat lowers on cold conditions.

Grip and Comfort

So far, the best perk that the Axe Bat 2018 ORIGIN USABat is its comfort. Just like other youth baseball bats, this one has a lightweight construction. The swing speed that it can offer is fast and balanced. It can go with your flow, making it ultra responsive and supple to your movements. It is a great choice for players that have difficulties in hitting balls while they are on the plate.

The construction of this bat is ample enough to accommodate the needs of young and amateur players. It can also train interested children in the art of baseball under the USA Bat Standards. Meanwhile, the grip of the bat is pretty decent, too. The bat will never slip to your hands even if they are sweaty.


There is nothing to argue when it comes to the durability of the Axe Bat 2018 ORIGIN USABat. It is tough as it has promised. Although it can sustain scratches from hitting strong pitches, it will never suffer from cracks and dents. Even balls that are speeding at 70 miles per hour can never damage the alloy construction of this bat. We tested the bat by letting it hit 300 solid hits. After the harsh regimen, the baseball bat is still in a good shape.

Overall Experience

Axe Bat 2018 ORIGIN USABat (-8) Baseball BatUsing the Axe Origin is both pleasurable and exciting. We never anticipated that a youth baseball bat like this could deliver astounding performance and quality. It is an excellent choice for starting or developing players. It is light, tough, and accurate. It is not difficult to maneuver, too.

But just like we mentioned, we don’t recommend the bat to be used by players who are in the higher divisions. It can’t handle the vibration of strong pitches, after all.

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