Advent Of Fastpitch Softball | Tips and Tricks Unfolded For 2018

when did fast pitch softball start

As a game, fastpitch is usually played by two teams on a diamond. Each team comprises of a minimum of nine players. One team plays offense, whereas the other team plays defense.

The ball, just like in regular softball is thrown underhand; however, the speed of the ball is much faster. Fast pitch softball bats size chart is often one of the best tools to use in assessing proper weight and height required for participants in this sport. 

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When Did Fastpitch Softball Start?

The history of fastpitch softball goes way back in 1895 when a women's softball team was organized in Chicago, West Division High school. Initially, there was just but little interest in the game. 

As years went by, especially around 1933, as the game became a part of Chicago’s World Fair as a tournament in its own right, it began to attract a lot of attention. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people began watching it.

More popularity for this game was to be observed in the 70s and 80s. As of today, fastpitch is among the most played team sport in the USA.

How to Hit a Rise Ball in Fastpitch Softball?

Hitting a rise ball in fastpitch can often be a tricky and sometimes frustrating affair. Confusion occurs when one moment it seems like a down-in-the middle pitch, then all of a sudden it just not just as it seems, instead you’re whiffing under the ball. 

Besides incessant and consistent practice to get needed experience, there are other ways by which to hit a rise in fastpitch softball:

  • Accurate setup: usually there are just two places in the batter's box you will need to be standing at as you see a rise ball. This should either be the front or the back. It will all depend on your preference as actually there is no right or wrong between the two, and normally there’s no middle ground.
  • Keep your posture, while striving to keep hands a little bit higher than normal; as you do so aim to swing on either a linear or downward plane. To swing upward usually makes your shoulder to drop, making you get under the ball.
  • Concentration is necessary as this allows you to focus on all the things and style you need to apply in order to hit a rise ball.

How to Increase Your Pitching Speed in Fastpitch Softball?

Consistent practice gives you the experience that you need in terms of pitching speed. The required routine and drills once regularly practiced give you the muscle to increase the necessary speed. 

While doing so, the key things to observe are: 

  • Full a good full body lean as well as long and powerful stride.
  • Keeping off form bending at the waist helps a lot. Your arms are also to be kept elongated and no bending at the elbow; to increase power and control of the ball, aim to keep your fingers behind the ball.
    In addition, these will also help: 
  • Great commitment and determination goes a long way toward promoting accuracy
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    Just before you embark on the real game, warm-up exercises are recommended to give you a much-needed loosening up.
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    Stay put in a relaxed form as being too tight could make you throw slower hence losing control.

How to Pitch a Curveball in Fastpitch Softball?

The following steps to help you pitch a perfect curveball:

  • Hold the ball at the front, and ensuring that the seams are running in a horizontal manner. --With your middle finger of your pitching hand right on top of the ball ensure that the fingertip does not touch the seams.
  • Be well balanced on both feet, you can then take your typical wind-up and stride up and straight to the home plate.
  • Next, release the ball at the level of the hips, while your hand is flat and your palm facing up.
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    As you release the ball, keep your shoulder back.
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    The curveball is realized as you snap your wrist around the ball while releasing it.

How to Play Second Base in Fastpitch Softball?

In playing second base, there are certain standards you stick to. 

  • As your starting position, you stand between the first and second base
  • You are required there in order to get the balls that are getting hit there. 
  • Be alert and prepared to know to throw the ball as it comes to you; also know where to make your way, towards the first base or the third in the event the ball is not coming to you.
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    Be keen in knowing where the runners are and also trying to get the lead runner attention.
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    In your position, you are also watchful of the lead runner, as in that very position you are able to caution the catcher if there's is a sign of stealing
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    Alertness is important. It allows you to know which positions and base to cover; so keeping your keen eye on both the batter and the ball is required.

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