5 Things Successful Softball Players and Successful Daters Have in Common

Everyone knows you learn many life lessons through sports, including softball. Most people don’t think about these sports lessons it in terms of relationship pearls of wisdom.  But I assure you, there are many lessons you learn on the field that you can apply to relationships and vice versa.  There are things that you learn in real life that you can apply to the field.

Don’t believe me?  Keep reading…

There ARE fundamental concepts that successful softball players have in common with successful daters (or people who are successful in the area of relationships).  Here are a few…

5 Things Successful Softball Players and Successful Daters Have in Common

  • both wait for the perfect pitch before they swing
  • both know how to let bad pitches go
  • both are good at reading signals
  • both make their opponent earn each base they get
  • both are excellent at quickly reading the situation then effectively executing the appropriate action

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Kevin Eaton

Hello! I’m Kevin – an openly biased Baltimore Orioles fan; a youth baseball parent; an obsessive-compulsive scorekeeper; a travelling ballpark tourist and a taste tester of defiantly unhealthy ballpark culinary offerings. In this space I share my love for the game of baseball and in doing so, connect with other really great people who love the game as much as I do.

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