2018 Slugger 618 Solo USABat Review: Best USA bat Under $200

The Slugger 618 Solo is yet another hybrid bat with single-piece construction. Structurally, the Slugger 618 Solo is mostly an improved designed for 617. It displays new graphics, a new handle feature that reduces vibration on impact, and a smaller knob. The 618 Solo is named as our best USA Bats for 2018.

The latest graphics of Solo is a clean family look that keeps everything consistent. It has a white base, complemented with gray, red, black, and some neon yellow color pop.

This Slugger 618 Solo has a lightweight drop 11 length to weight ratio, USA Baseball certification, and a 2 5/8-inch barrel diameter. This model was approved by Babe Ruth, Dixie Youth, Pony Baseball, AABC, and Cal Ripken. Price check for the 618 Solo USABat is here.

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Why Recommend Slugger 618 Solo Select?

The Slugger 618 Solo is an alloy hybrid bat with an impressive Ballistic Composite Endcap that leads in Louisville Slugger about it as a hybrid. The bat has the quickest swing speed when it comes to 2018 lineup. It is recommended for players who have the guts to pick with fastballs. The handle is great. It has a unique feature that dampens vibration to keep your hands safe from the stings of pitches being hit to the handle.

For those who are not aware, Lizard Skin bat tapes could be the perfect bat tapes you can get. It has a -3 bat to weight ratio, a BBCOR Certification, and a 12-month warranty. You require a BBCOR certification for you to use it on leagues in different states.

When it comes to performance, a light swing produces a great pop and great feel in your hands. The bat is durable that it will last longer as compared to others, having a competitive price to mention a few things.

2018 Slugger Select 618 Solo Interesting Features

The Louisville Slugger Solo 618 comes with all the advantages associated with a regular baseball bat. It includes inexpensive costs, better durability than the composite bats, it does not have break-in time and can be utilized if damaged since they usually dent as composite bats crack. It will help you save some money.

The only drawback that we find is that it has a smaller sweet spot. But it does not affect the bat’s performance. It also means that the sweet spot is more compressed than others. Thus, it is lighter and stronger.

Other Exciting Features

  • -11 Length To Weight Ratio
  • Aluminum Baseball Bat, one-piece
  • Custom Lizard Skins Baseball Bat handle for better grip
  • Fastest Swing Speed with Lowest Swing Weight Profile
  • New USA Baseball (USABat) Certified Stamp
  • SL Hyper Alloy Material provides optimum Energy Transfer
  • Stiff, conventional feel for fast impact feedback
  • 1.1 Swing Weight Score
  • White, Red, Gray, Blue, Black Colorway

Our Final Verdict for 2018 Slugger USABat 618 Solo

The 2018 Slugger USABat 618 Solo is recommended for players who have the strength to deal with fastballs. Just like other Slugger bats, it has a feature that reduces vibrations to keep your hands protected.

It can last longer than you expected. You can use it even if it has a dent. We recommend this to people who want to get their bat speed up without breaking their budget. Also with its great design, it is worth investing for.

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