2018 Rawlings Raptor USA Youth Baseball Bat Review: I Feel Solid Hitting

Rawlings 2018 Raptor USA Baseball Bat (-8)

2018 Rawlings Raptor USA Baseball Bat Revie

Rawlings Raptor USABat 2018: Our Summary

Right from the get-go, the 2018 Rawlings Raptor USA Baseball Bat already provided a decent performance. Although it is not a baseball bat that can deliver exceptional pop and impressive swing accuracy, it can still develop the form of young players. It is exactly what you need whenever you want a practice bat that can endure solid hits on the plate. The structure is rugged, and the swing balance is reliable, too.

It is notable that this baseball bat only features a 2 1/4-inch barrel instead of the standard 2 5/8 model. This is not exactly a downer, but it somehow lessened the sweet spot of the bat. But on the flipside, this enable the bat to gain an exceptional swing speed. The weighted end cap of the bat also effectively reduced its unwanted weight. As a result, the Raptor became light and easy to maneuver.

From the design and specs of the Rawlings Raptor, it is undeniable that is made for starting players and amateurs. It can help new and interested players to develop their form. It is a good arsenal to bring on the youth division. After all, it was still able to maintain a -10 length-to-weight ratio. Furthermore, the bat is certified by the USA Baseball standard. You can use it to various tournaments like the Dixie Youth, Pony, and Little League.

Rawlings Raptor USA Bat: Our Review

The test we made for the 2018 Rawlings Raptor USA Baseball Bat is still the same for the other baseball bats that we have reviewed. We just let it hit multiple pitches at different speeds. In this way, we were able to test the overall quality and performance of this tool.

All that we can say is that this baseball bat doesn’t have a shabby construction. We have seen a lot of questionable remarks about this bat, but never really experienced them on the field. The bat simply delivered a good performance. It didn’t suck at all. Although its repertoire is not something that made our jaws drop, it is still surpassed the baseline of what they call “average.”

Our impressions toward the Raptor further elevated when we discovered its price. Specifically, it still sitting in the entry-level category, making it a practical-yet-efficient investment. You will never regret getting this bat at all! To know the rest of the specs of this Rawlings baseball bat, better read the following sections.

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Rawlings Raptor Youth Bat Review: Pop

Just like we mentioned, the Rawlings Raptor USA Baseball Bat is a good choice for practicing and amateur players. The interface and layout of the bat are not made for the big leagues. Therefore, we completely understood that the bat could never give explosive pops. It is already a given, considering that it has a small barrel diameter and limited sweet spot.

The bat has a decent line drive, but the distance of which it can send the ball flying is limited. After all, the bat does not emphasize optimizing the swing power. Instead, it will just give you great swing speed and accuracy. It is a perfect tool for form development, not power enhancement.

2018 Rawlings Raptor Review: Vibration Control

Since the baseball bat has a one-piece construction, it did not surprise us anymore that it will generate negative vibrations. Upon colliding with strong and speeding balls, stinging impacts can be felt. It doesn’t lower the accuracy or power of your strikes, but it might make you feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Luckily, the durable and stable construction of the Rawlings Raptor ensured that these vibrations would never go rampant. Overall, the reliability of this baseball bat is still great despite the presence of palpable stings. Furthermore, the power of the players in the youth division is not yet fully developed. Therefore, there is no need for you to worry about pitches that have strong magnitudes.

2018 Rawlings Raptor (-10) 2 1/4Grip and Comfort

The comfort level that you can feel when using the 2018 Rawlings Raptor USA Baseball Bat is impressive. The bat is lightweight and easy to control. It will remain responsive because there is no weight that you have to left-behind weight that you have to drag forward. It will just swing the way you want it.

The bat also features a pre-wrapped tacky grip on its handle. Because of this feature, you can ensure that the bat is extremely comfortable to hold. It will never slip away from your hands regardless of the strength of the impact. It will never sore your palms, too.


Even if you hit it with strong pitches, the Rawlings Raptor will never suffer. It may sustain scratches on its surface after hitting 100 solid hits, but the overall structure remains the same. After our test, we didn’t find any worrisome dents or cracks. The material used on this baseball bat is extremely solid and durable.

The high-strength aerospace-grade alloy of this baseball bat made it nearly impervious to physical damages. It also made the bat sturdy without even compromising its weight. You can always trust this bat for practice purposes.

Rawlings Raptor us8r10: Overall Experience

Amazon.com : Rawlings YBRR11 Raptor Youth Minus 11, 2 1We have to say that the 2018 Rawlings Raptor USA Baseball Bat did not disappoint us. The construction and ergonomics of the bat proved to be reliable in different conditions. The bat is comfortable to hold and do not annoy you with extra weight. You can swing it maximum responsiveness throughout any conditions. Even though it cannot optimize the power of your strikes, it remains accurate and fast.

We can recommend this bat to young players, preferably those that are 12 years old or younger. They are the ones that can benefit this bat because of its lightweight and small frame.

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