2018 Mizuno MAXCOR -5 USA Baseball Bat Review

Mizuno 340431 2018 MAXCOR SR YTH (-5) Baseball Bat



Despite the USA Bat standard, the Mizuno brand was still able to develop a baseball bat that has a good display of power, speed, and balance. Specifically, we are pointing the 2018 Mizuno MAXCOR -5 USA Baseball Bat. The latter is using multiple technologies to improve its performance over other youth bats.

One of the notable technologies that it possesses is the Viscoelastic Polyurethane Sleeve. It is a specialized layer that is wrapped on the 2-5/8-inch barrel of the bat. The sleeve ensures that the ball gets enough backspin for additional thrust and flight distance. Notably, the bat is also using the proprietary CorTech technology, which is integrated to its HotMetal Alloy construction. Therefore, the pop and pop of this bat is way beyond impressive.

There are still other features that this baseball bat is hiding. We were able to discover them when we tested it on the field. We have youth sluggers who wanted to try this single-piece bat anyway. But overall, they just attested that the bat worked beyond their expectations.

2018 MAXCOR SR YTH (-5) for YOUTH: Our Review

Just like we mentioned earlier, the 2018 Mizuno Maxcor was designed to push the limits of the USA Bat standard. The technologies and innovations included on this baseball bat even separated it from most of its Mizuno counterparts. It has a great emphasis on speed and hit accuracy because of its large sweet spot. However, the power area doesn’t lag behind. In fact, we consider it as one of the most powerful youth baseball bats that are sanctioned by the USA Bat standard today. It can send the ball flying without ruining its precision or structure.

If you want to discover all of the perks that this bat can give, better check out the rest of this review.

Mizuno 2018 Maxcor USA Baseball Bat (-5)

2018 Mizuno MAXCOR (-5) 2 5/8″ USA Baseball Bat: Pop

With a -5 drop, it is a given already that the 2018 Mizuno MAXCOR USA Baseball Bat is not meant for small players. It is difficult to wield if the player is still young or not yet fully developed. On the other hand, youth players that are well-practiced are capable of handling this bat.

Because it has a large frame, it is notable that it can create explosive hits. It can send the ball flying at decent distances. It can offer straight and high-speed line drives for every solid collision that it makes. There is an observable increase in backspin to the bat when it is hammered by this bat.

Mizuno 340431 2018 MAXCOR SR YTH (-5) Baseball Bat: Vibration Control

With its solid and innovative alloy construction, our sluggers attested that the Mizuno MAXCOR is capable of nullifying negative impact and shock. Once gripped properly, the bat can remain stable and steady. Even if the impact is strong, the bat will never generate performance-deteriorating forces in your hands.

The vibrations are completely lessened because the bat is solid enough to resist them. Furthermore, the large frame ensured that there is enough room for the force to be channeled. If you are looking for a bat that can offer excellent defense against unwanted vibration, the MAXCOR should serve you well.

Grip and Comfort

Our sluggers are quite divided when it comes to the comfort aspect of the MAXCOR baseball bat. Some told that the bat is okay. However, some suggested that this bat is difficult to swing. We understood why they made such claim. There’s no problem with the grip and handle of this bat. Instead, the issue lies on its -5 drop weight. In short, the bat is heavy. That’s why we told that it is not a suitable choice for small and amateur players.


The durability of the 2018 Mizuno MAXCOR -5 USA Baseball Bat is unquestionable. There is nothing detestable when it comes to its construction. The heavy-duty alloy construction of this bat ensured that it wouldn’t break regardless of the impact and weather condition. It is not susceptible to breakages due to shock and force. Moreover, even if it will encounter strong pitches, the entire barrel won’t budge a bit. Handling scratches and marks can be present after 200 hits. However, you can find no cracks or other serious damages.

MIZUNO 2018 MAXCOR USA BASEBALL BAT (-5)Mizuno 2018 Maxcor USA Baseball Bat (-5): Overall Experience

As for now, we recommend the 2018 Mizuno MAXCOR as the top choice for seasoned youth sluggers. Those who are well-versed with the sport are very welcomed to try this big boy. After all, it has the durability and strength that can create high-intensity strikes while you are on the plate. It can be used in competitions, too, because of its impressive hit accuracy and swing balance. If you are big enough, handling this bat should not cause any discomfort. That’s what we can assure.

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