2018 Mizuno Ghost USABat Review: Let The Underrated Surprise You

With more than 100 years of producing excellent sporting goods equipment, Mizuno has again proven its endless passion for creating quality bats as it now offers 2018 Mizuno Ghost.

Mizuno went beyond the expectations of many baseball enthusiasts by releasing this Ghost bat for the 2018 season as it is designed like many high-end bats in the market. Of course, it is certified for USA Baseball.

2018 Mizuno Ghost USABat Recommendations


2018 Mizuno Bat gives one of the most impactful and extremely balanced swings among the USAbats now, and many youth baseball bat individuals claim that it would be one of the premier and excellent USA youth composite bats.

Regarding pop, this Mizuno Ghost is one of the best USABats that you can consider in parallel with Easton Ghost X that also gives players a lot of pop. In the case of Mizuno Ghost, it crushed the ball during a pop station because of its 2-piece composite design.

When it comes to vibration control, this bat from Mizuno can be the best USAbat to protect you against the vibrations even though breaking in youth baseball bats always create some initial vibrations regardless of the composition, barrel size & brand.

Grip and comfort wise, many young sluggers gave excellent feedbacks and scores for the Mizuno Ghost’s stiff grip and equilibrium balance. One of the youth batters mentioned that swinging Mizuno Ghost feels more natural compared to other bats he already swang.

In terms of Mizuno Ghost’s durability, it can manage handling scratches and marks throughout the barrel. After more than 250 collisions with the baseball, it did not get any major, cracks, dents, or dings. Furthermore, I did not expect that the bat would not have any damage after hearing some sounds from the bat.

However, with all of these competitive features of Mizuno Ghost, you can expect that it is not inexpensive. Moreover, with all of the wide range of other models with the same construction, the large barrel feature is also not unique in the baseball bat industry.




  • Offers a 2-piece composite construction that has a balanced swing weight which makes it very easy to conduct a level swing across the plate.
  • Features a black onyx composite barrel with a special power ring technology that gives young batters a “hot” barrel which needs no breaking in process.
  • Contains a cylinder seaming for optimum barrel performance and durability.
  • Has a stiff carbon handle that helps to reduce shock vibrations in the hands of the batters for comfortability and confident grasp upon the speed-helic grip.
  • -10 length to weight ratio
  • Certified for play in Babe Ruth, Dixie Youth, AABC, Pony, Cal Ripken, and Pony.


Our Final Verdict

Did this 2018 Mizuno Ghost USABat review help you know the things about this new Mizuno baseball bat?

Upon my thorough review of this USAbat, I can say that it is one of the best options for young sluggers this upcoming season. As some Mizuno bats remain underrated including this Mizuno Ghost, you can surely still expect and receive the best performance from this bat.

Young batters can have consistent speed, pop, comfort, and balance with this Mizuno Ghost. Lastly, this USAbat is for you if you are the type of hitter who prefers lighter swing, bigger barrel, and smooth smash.

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