2018 Mizuno Generation Youth USA Baseball Bat Review: True Weight and Max Barrel Length

2018 mizuno generation bat

2018 Mizuno Generation (-3) 2 5/8" BBCOR Baseball Bat (BB18GEN)


The 2018 Mizuno Generation -5 USA Baseball Bat is a popular entity in the youth baseball scene. Its popularity is comparable to the Mako series of the Easton. And if you are going to compare something to Mako bats, then it should be probably good.

Fortunately, this assumption is held true by the 2018 Mizuno Generation. This aluminum baseball bat followed the deeply-rooted tradition of Mizuno when it comes to making powerful and high-impact bats. The quality of this bat is impressive, considering the features that it has. Just like the MAXCOR, the Generation bat also features the HotMetal alloy construction. Because of this material, this single-piece bat has improved weight reduction despite its -5 drop weight.

Because it has the CorTech technology of Mizuno, the Generation baseball bat can provide excessive sweet spot. Therefore, it can optimize the hit accuracy and efficiency of its user. The popping potential of this bat is there as well, thanks to its durable design and ample 2-5/8-inch barrel diameter. Explosive and precise. These are the two things that we can attribute confidently to the Mizuno Generation.

Mizuno 2018 GENERATION SR YTH (-5) Baseball Bat: Our Review

Currently, Mizuno has only two bats that have -5 drop weight: the Generation and MAXCOR. Both of these bats are specifically designed to improve the strength and potency of the player when hitting the ball. Unlike other youth baseball bats, these bats have a great emphasis on power.

Of course, there are compromises that took place because of the inclusion of this factor. Our sluggers noticed that the bat has a heavy swing weight. It may be light, but once you swing it, you can already feel the drag behind your arm. It requires practice before you can master the use of this baseball bat. If you can get the hang of it, you would probably prefer it over other lightweight units.

There are multiple advancements integrated into the Mizuno Generation Baseball Bat. You can know them all even further by checking our detailed review below.

Baseball Bat for Youth - Generation Youth Baseball Bat | Mizuno USA

2018 Mizuno Generation Youth Bat: Pop

If you are looking for a baseball bat that can generate hard-hitting shots, the 2018 Mizuno Generation -5 USA Baseball Bat should be your top choice. Compared to the MaxCor and Easton’s Beast X and Axe Elite, the Generation baseball bat can create intense and powerful collisions.

There is still a drag because of its drop weight. That’s why it requires practice before you can master this tool. You can just relish its full potential if you are already used to its heavy drop. You can send the ball flying in extended distances without compromising the smoothness of the line drives.

Vibration Control

It is definite that the vibration control capacity of the 2018 Mizuno Generation is more than adequate. It can stop negative impacts from ringing the bat. There are no harmful stings that can reach your hands while you are gripping the handle. However, our sluggers did claim that the vibration did not really disappear. They are still there, especially if you hit pitches that travels at 50 to 60 miles per hour.

The light, single-piece construction of this baseball bat is one of the chief reasons why the bat can’t eliminate these stings or feedback. We are not saying that the bat will disrupt your performance or accuracy. However, we are just expecting that it has the same fluidness as the MAXCOR since both of them have almost similar specifications.

Grip and Comfort

Despite having a -5 drop, the Mizuno Generation remains to be lighter than the MAXCOR. Perhaps, this is the area in where Generation has the lead over its counterparts. Players that have been practicing the sport for quite a time already can benefit from this feature. It can offer decent swing balance and responsiveness. Swing it, and the bat will follow smoothly.

We handle of the bat has been layered so that it won’t cause hurt your hands even on extended playing time. You can also ensure that this baseball bat won’t escape from your hands even if the condition is wet and moist. Overall, handing this bat should not pose any burden to your body.


Because of its patented alloy construction, the 2018 Mizuno Generation Baseball Bat proved to be a rugged tool. You can punish it all you want. The barrel will never get shabby at all. It may sustain scratches, but the entire surface will never get damaged. After 200 swings or so, we confirmed that the bat is resistant to common detriment that are caused by hitting strong pitches. Of course, weather elements can’t compromise the structure of this baseball bat either.

The Mizuno 2018 Generation Big Barrel Youth USA Baseball Bat (-5) was built to meet the new USA standards for youth baseballMizuno 2018 Generation Big Barrel Youth USA Baseball Bat (-5): Our Overall Experience

Even if our sluggers clarified that the MAXCOR bat is way better than the Generation, it doesn’t imply that the latter is a weak option. The performance of the Mizuno Generation is designed to cater players with small to medium frame. It can also be used by amateurs who want to transition to heavier bats because of its -5 drop. The power optimization of this baseball bat is observable. However, it is the swing speed and balance of this unit that captured our hearts.

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