2018 Mizuno Covert -9 USA Baseball Bat Review: Excellent Sweet Spot and Pop

Mizuno 340435 2018 COVERT SR YTH (-9) Baseball Bat

2018 Mizuno Covert -9 USA Baseball Bat: YBB18COV9


The latest changes in the USA Bat standard somehow changed the dynamics of baseball bats today. In fact, the Mizuno brand immediately changed the way their manufactured their bats. One good example of this is the 2018 Mizuno Covert -9 USA Baseball Bat. This one veered away from the typical power and weight-oriented bats that they have. Instead, it offers speed and efficient swing weight balance.

Specifically, the Mizuno Covert is designed for youth players who want to improve the accuracy and speed of their swings. It can create explosive pops because of its heavy-duty alloy barrel design. The end cap of the bat has been augmented as well to ensure that it can garner enhanced accuracy and sweet spot.

Aside from the standard 2-5/8-inch barrel construction, the Mizuno Covert also features the patented CorTech technology. This particular innovation doubled the thickness of the barrel wall. As a result, the bat was able to develop a good defense against vibration. It also improved the durability and overall strength of the bat. For youth players who want to improve the form and impact of their strikes, this baseball bat from Mizuno can certainly assist.

2018 Mizuno Covert -9 USA Baseball Bat: Our Review

Upon testing this bat, we discovered that this is the only hybrid USA bat that Mizuno offers. Therefore, not all of our testers were able to find comfort in using this bat. Fortunately, we still got a couple of guys who are still comfortable with using it. It requires a person with a different kind of preference before you can utilize this tool.

Despite its quirkiness, the Mizuno Covert is still capable of supporting the balance in swing speed and power that is necessary for USA Bat standard. Of course, for youth divisions and applications, these said aspects should be developed necessarily. There are a lot of people who tend to argue about this specification, but since it is already there, we don’t have any choice but to adapt.

Even if you are a first-time user of hybrid baseball bats like the Mizuno Covert. That’s the warranty our testers can give to you. According to them, these hybrid bats may give a different feel and impact, but their performance is still accurate and compelling. If you want to know more about the Mizuno Covert, check out our detailed rundown below.

2018 Mizuno Covert -9 USA Baseball Bat


Compared to the older models of Mizuno bats, it is notable that the pop of the Mizuno Covert is not that established. Of course, it should already be given since the new USA Bat standard didn’t emphasize the power and explosiveness of youth baseball bats. Therefore, it is pointless to expect that a baseball bat that is made under this specification will have the same drive and impact as those bats that are made for the recent seasons.

Fortunately, the pop of the Mizuno Covert is never weak at all. We are beyond happy that this bat is capable of making straight drives even the distance it can send the fall is not that far. Because of the solid alloy construction of the bat, it can create impressive collisions that can really catch anyone’s attention.

Vibration Control

Again, the 2018 Mizuno Covert -9 USA Baseball Bat displayed adequate performance in vibration negation. Our sluggers were able to notice negative stings, especially when hitting strong pitches. But according to them, these unwanted forces were lowered enough to a level that it didn’t affect the accuracy of their strikes.

After a 100 swings, they concluded that the vibration control of the Mizuno Covert is above average. We deemed that the proprietary LINK technology in the handle is effective. The barrel has been constructed in a way that it will protect your hand from the shock of ball collisions.

Grip and Comfort

We are not really certain how you perceive hybrid youth baseball bats. However, there is a guarantee that the Mizuno Covert won’t frustrate its users at all. The bat is made to be light and balanced. Anyone, especially youth sluggers, can swing this bat with extreme responsiveness and precision. It won’t strain your hands even in extended usage.

The bat offers a natural feel to your grip. This is due to the black onyx carbon construction of the handle. The latter is also wrapped with a speed-helix layer to ensure a slip-free performance and comfort.


The durability of the 2018 Mizuno Covert -9 USA Baseball Bat is something that you can rely upon. After 400 swings, the bat didn’t fluster at all. There are scratches, but there are no dents or defects in the structure. The alloy construction of the bat and the inclusion of the CorTech Technology of Mizuno are enough to solidify its structural rigidity. This bat can last long in the hands of youth players.

Mizuno 340435 2018 COVERT SR YTH (-9) Baseball BatMizuno 340435 2018 COVERT SR YTH (-9) Baseball Bat: Overall Experience

As a hybrid baseball bat, the 2018 Mizuno Covert has all the features that can amplify the performance of its users. It is strong, rugged, and responsive enough to cater the needs of developing players. It can also improve the form of the user, especially in hitting balls that are thrown at high speed. You should not worry about its weight and balance either. It is completely functional and doesn’t strain the body, even if the player is still young.

For now, the construction and the innovation integrated into the Mizuno Covert can provide utmost comfort and precision to its user. Investing in this bat is ideal, especially if you will give it to an dedicated players.


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