2018 Easton S550 USABat Review: Not much Pop, Nicely Balanced

2018 Easton S550 USABat Review

2018 Easton S550 USABat Review

Our Summary of 2018 Easton S550 USABat (-8)

Baseball bats are among the top amenities that every aspiring player should acquire. Having a good bat can dramatically improve the accuracy and form of a player, especially hitting strong pitches. If you have young or amateur players that want to take this sport seriously, it would be great if you can give the Easton S550 USA Baseball Bat to them.

Specifically, the Easton S550 USA is made for transitioning players. Those who have been playing baseball for a year or two can already benefit with this tool. It has an end-loaded design that hones the control of its users. Using a heavier bat would be a lot easier once the player had experienced using this bat.

Furthermore, the construction of this bat is ideal enough to develop the strength and power of the player. It is not just a baseball bat for developing the swing efficiency. It is also about optimizing the prowess of the user in creating explosive pops and noticeable ball flight distance.

Our 2018 Easton S550 USABat Review

We have tested the Easton S550 USABat in the field. It was truly a baseball bat worth of glorifying. Of course, we are not stating that this one has professional-grade features. Instead, we are just trying to emphasize that this bat has impressive qualities for its given application and price.

For starters, the bat features a drop 8 length-to-weight ratio. Such capability allows the user to have better control and swing speed for this bat. The 2 5/8 inches barrel diameter ensures that the bat stays within the standards of the sports. Furthermore, its durable construction guarantees that it can handle strong and high-velocity pitches.

Just like we mentioned, the Easton S550 baseball bat is an excellent amenity for individuals who want to take the sport to another level. It provides the reliability and stability that they need. It exhibits decent power and speed, which will come beneficial in the long run.

2018 Easton S550 USABat Review: Pop

The pop that the Easton S550 can create is beyond satisfying. Unlike some of the entry-level Easton bats, the Easton S550 can generate an exhilarating pop, even if the user is still young. It can send the ball flying at decent height and speed. The large sweet spot that this baseball bat ensures that the power you put in your swings will never be wasted. Once you can hit the ball properly, the impact can be felt (but in a good way). From the distance and speed, this bat can deliver.

2018 Easton S550 USABat Review: Vibration Control

At first, we thought that the Easton S550 would have minimal regulation towards strong impact. But after we hit it with a ball that is speeding at 55 miles per hour, we noticed that it didn’t generate negative vibrations. We haven’t tested it with stronger pitches. But with that test alone, we have proven that this one can mitigate any harsh stings that can be caused by skyrocketing balls.

Because of this quality, the precision and stability of the ball gradually improve. It is a perfect feature for players that are consistently developing their strength.

2018 Easton S550 USABat Review: Grip and Comfort

Easton is known for the grip and comfort level of their baseball bats. They are among the most reliable options if an individual is prioritizing comfort and maneuverability. Fortunately, the Easton S550 USA exhibits both of these qualities. First, you can assure that this bat has a balanced swing weight. Indirectly, that improves the comfort level you can feel with this tool. Second, the handle is slim enough for players with small hands to handle. Third, there is a tacky All-Sports Bat Grip on the handle that enables the bat to have a slip-free performance.

2018 Easton S550 USABat Review: Durability

When it comes to durability, you can bet your money to the Easton S550. This one is made from the latest ALX50 military grade alloy. The said material ensures that the bat is impervious to the elements. It will never rust and corrode, even if you expose it to a variety of harsh conditions. Of course, it will never sustain cracks and dents. Even after a hundred hits, the bat will remain in its top shape.

2018 Easton S550 USABat Review: Overall Experience

From the get-go, the Easton S550 USA baseball bat is already brimming with quality. Using this bat for an extended period doesn’t cause sore or stiffness in the body. It remains to be lightweight and maneuverable. However, you can still guarantee that it has the power and speed that can improve the traction of your gameplay.

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