2018 Easton S450 USABat Review: My Grandson’s Secret Weapon

2018 Easton S450 USABat Review

2018 Easton S450 USABat Review

Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 1/4 S450 Youth Baseball Bat -12, -8: Our Summary

The Easton S450 USA is one of the most impressive entry-level baseball bats that you can get today. It can get the job done without having to spend capriciously. Specifically, this bat is a combination of practicality and functionality. It can optimize the power of your swings, regardless of the condition. Furthermore, the construction of the bat is durable and tough. Despite this, there is no significant increase in the weight of the bat. It remains to be light and maneuverable, which make it a good choice for amateurs and young baseball players.

The Easton S450 USA is crafted from military-grade ALX50 alloy. This material has a high durability, being able to withstand a continuous beating. The construction also enhanced the swing speed and broadened the sweet spots that you can harness from the bat. These features are awesome. But since it is a product of Easton, these capabilities are something that you can expect.

2018 Easton S450 USABat: Our Review

2018 Easton S450 USABat ReviewWe have tested the Easton S450 on several occasions. And we deem that this one is only a good take for youth players. It has a good construction that doesn’t overwhelm its users. It can serve as a bridge for those who will eventually switch with bigger Easton bats like the Beast X or Ghost X.

Take note that there are two versions of this bat: the -12 and the -8. Therefore, it would not be difficult for amateur players to choose a version that can fit their frame and preferences. Meanwhile, the price of the Easton S450 is palpable for those who just want to invest in a simple yet decent youth bat. In fact, it is already apparent that this device is less inexpensive than a chief number of USA bats on the market today.

2018 Easton S450 USABat Review: Pop

It is quite surprising that the Easton S450 can generate a fairly decent pop. Once the bat hits the target, you can guarantee that the ball will give you a ringing sound. This hints that the ball will be flying at a distance. Of course, we have to admit that the power of the bat is barely enough to be called explosive. It is just average. But it is just okay, considering its intended application.

2018 Easton S450 USABat Review: Vibration Control

Because it is an entry-level baseball bat, we have already anticipated that its vibration control is not that great. Well, we are pretty right about this. We are not saying that the bat vibrates so much that you can’t maneuver it anymore. Just remember that it has a solid construction that can negate the force of impact. However, it is undeniable that vibration upon impact can still be felt. Try hitting it with a straight, speeding ball. You will notice this counteraction immediately.

Despite this, you just have to remember that the Easton S450 USA put more emphasis on balance, speed, and comfort rather than vibration control or pop.

2018 Easton S450 USABat Review

2018 Easton S450 USABat Review: Grip and Comfort

When it comes to comfort and usability, the Easton S450 USA is truly impressive. The bat is covered with an all-sports grip layer that provides absolute control and comfort to the player. Furthermore, since the baseball bat is lightweight, swinging it doesn’t too much effort and pressure. The Easton S450 has a 2 1/4 barrel diameter and a tapered handle to ensure the balance of your swings.

2018 Easton S450 USABat Review: Durability

I can’t argue with the durability of the Easton S450 USA as a baseball bat. The build of this item is designed to last long in the field. It doesn’t wear off even if you use it constantly. Moreover, its quality doesn’t whittle down while you expose it to the elements. However, you should anticipate that the velocity of the pitch will slightly deteriorate after 200 solid swings or so. But in general, you can be confident that the bat will not sustain any cracks or dents.

2018 Easton S450 USABat Review2018 Easton S450 USABat Review: Overall Experience

With all the specs and capabilities of the Easton S450 USA, we would be lying if we tell that we didn’t enjoy using it. This piece of baseball tool is a perfect choice for amateur players. In fact, they can use it while playing on small divisions. It has a decent pop and vibration control but greatly highlights comfort and maneuverability.

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