2018 Easton S350 USABat Review: Great for Cold Weather Games

2018 Easton S350 USABat Review

2018 Easton S350 USABat Review

2018 Easton S350 USABat Review: Our Summary

It is not always the power that makes a baseball bat a hit. For young and amateur players like your kids, it is essential that you can give them a bat that can develop their form and swing speed. It is notable that developing the swing form is one of the key fundamentals that can make any aspiring baseball player a future superstar.

If this the application that you want your young ones to learn, investing on the 2018 Easton S350 USA Baseball Bat is as good as necessary. It is a cost-efficient option, but its construction and performance are both capable of honing the skills of amateur players. This one features a single piece design and an aircraft grade alloy build for improved sweet spot delivery. The swings that it can do is vividly impressive, too.

The ergonomics of this baseball bat includes the provision of a handle that has been covered with an all-sport tacky grip. This particular feature ensures that the bat can provide optimized control and comfort to its users. Overall, there are no reasons that you have to regret giving this tool to your young players.  

2018 Easton S350 USABat: Our Review

2018 Easton S350 USABat ReviewWe have tested the 2018 Easton S350 USABat on various applications, just like the other youth bats that we featured here. Ideally, this bat should be used by players that are 15 years old or younger. It is also a great choice for individuals who were able to play at least one season. The functionality of this tool can effectively harness the skills of those who are within the young divisions. If they keep on using this bat, using heavy and full-sized bats like the Beast X and Ghost X of the Easton would not become too difficult for them.

Just like I have mentioned, the Easton S350 USABat is a perfect choice for young and amateur players. Enthusiastic parents should get this bat if they are serious about molding the interest of their children towards the sport. Fortunately, the price of the Easton S350 still remains on the entry-level. You will get a durable and ergonomic bat for a price that won’t kill your bank account.

2018 Easton S350 USABat Review: Pop

The pop of the 2018 Easton S350 USA Youth Baseball Bat is pretty decent. It can release a noticeable thud, especially if you can hit the ball on its sweet spot. Although the pop of this bat is not as good as most of its competitors, it is still something that you can never ignore. It just goes to show that the 2018 Easton S350 is crafted for youth baseball. The power and impact can be described as average. However, the balance and speed of this bat are efficient for developing the form of the players.

Don’t let these mislead you from the fact the Easton S350 USA Youth Bat is capable of making solid shots. The pop and distance are not that impressive, but it can still bounce the ball back precisely and properly.

2018 Easton S350 USABat Review: Vibration Control

Unlike the Easton S450 USABat and Easton S150 USABat, the Easton S350 USABat features impressive vibration control. This one negates the negative impact that is caused by strong ball hits. It can efficiently absorb the shock from pitches that have a rushing speed of 60 miles per hour or higher. Depending on your skills, you can actually risk on using this baseball bat on games that highlight highly explosive pitches. But if your players are still young and green, I don’t recommend that you should do this.

The vibration control of the 2018 Easton S350 contributes to its stability and reliability. This capability gradually helps the user to reinforce their swing form and responsiveness. If the bat doesn’t vibrate that much, the precision of your hits also improves, too.

2018 Easton S350 USABat Review: Grip and Comfort

2018 Easton S350 USABat ReviewWe have tested the Easton S350 USA for an extended period. Even if we used the bat for long hours, it never felt sweaty or harsh to the hands. It remained to be comfortable, even if we gripped it hard. This kind of perk is due to the presence of a cushioned and convenient all-sports grip. This component gives a natural feel to the hands.

The handle of this baseball bat is ultra-thin, having only the dimensions of 29/32. Therefore, the handle can accommodate smalls hands. It is also a lightweight tool, which makes it extremely comfortable and maneuverable.

2018 Easton S350 USABat Review: Durability

The mere fact that this baseball bat is constructed from the ALX50 military-grade alloy is proof of its reliability and dependability. We all know the strength of young players is not yet on point. But the continuous usage of the bat can certainly whittle down the quality of ordinary bats. But fortunately, the 2018 Easton S350 is excluded on this predicament. It can withstand high-speed balls without experiencing a decrease in its rigidity and toughness.

After 100 to 200 swings, you can still guarantee that this baseball bat will never show signs of damages. Event slight indications of dents and dings can never be seen. It is a stable baseball bat that can endure constant punishment on the field.

2018 Easton S350 USABat Review: Overall Experience

2018 Easton S350 USABat ReviewNeedless to say, the Easton S350 USA Youth Baseball Bat can offer excellent performance and functionality. Using it will no cause downtime at all. It can remain fit and formed, even after 250 hits. Despite its known rigidity, the baseball bat remains to be surprisingly lightweight. Therefore, it can become one of the most optimal options for practicing players and young players who are still obvious of how to take care of their tools.

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