2018 Easton S250 USABat Review: Our 10-year-old Son Likes It

2018 Easton S250 USABat Review

2018 Easton S250 USABat Review: Our Summary

Power and speed are both necessary features for a baseball bat. These two can, in fact, define the quality of the bat and its overall usability. Of course, not all bats are made the same. Some are made for the major leagues while others are for amateurs. When it comes to youth baseball bats, these particular components are definitely crucial. Fortunately, the Easton brand has been consistent in creating bats that possess these said perks. One good proof for that is the Easton S250 USA Baseball Bat.

Specifically, the Easton S250 is a testament to what a youth baseball bat should be. This one has a lightweight, yet durable and powerful design. It can be used by amateurs and players who are already participating in youth divisions and leagues. It can offer large sweet spots and pops that can turn the heads of anyone. In short, it is something that you can use if you want to transition from light baseball bats to the heavy ones, such as the Beast X USABat.

This baseball bat is crafted to be rugged and comfortable. No weather conditions can whittle the performance of this baseball bat. For training and practices, the Easton S250 USABat is a bat that you can rely on.

2018 Easton S250 USABat: Our Review

The general specs of the Easton S250 USABat feature the standard -10 length-to-weight ratio. This means that the bat is light enough for young players to handle. It also indicates the speed and responsiveness that it can offer you. There have been a lot of youth baseball bats out there, but this one is among the few that have been engineered to have a balanced swing weight.

The bat can withstand strong pitches. Don’t let it slim frame fool you. This one can still knock back heavy impacts and create riveting ball flights. It is comfortable to use even in extended conditions. The one-piece design of the bat ensures that younger players can control it more efficiently.

And because it has a low price, investing in this baseball bat should not cause hesitation on your part. In fact, it is quite surprising that this bat has still an entry-level price despite its given features and construction.

2018 Easton S250 USABat Review: Pop

The pop of the Easton S250 USA baseball bat is satisfying. Not strong. Not weak. Just satisfying. It has a large sweet spot that can amplify the accuracy of your hits. For players that are ten years old or younger, the pop that this bat can produce can certainly stimulate their senses. It can send strong pitches flying at distances that can make any catchers chase.

Of course, we are not saying that this bat is a tool for professionals. Comparing the pop and distance of this baseball bat with those heavier and bigger bats is almost a laughable thing. But for practice purposes and youth leagues, this baseball bat is always a potent tool.

2018 Easton S250 USABat Review: Vibration Control

Meanwhile, the vibration control of the Easton S250 is a little bit average. We tried using this bat to hit pitches that are travelling at 40 to 50 miles per hour. The bat can handle the impact. But we cannot deny that there are noticeable stings that can be felt throughout the process. Fortunately, the vibrations are not on the extent of being alarming. They are just there, but they are not sufficient enough to affect the accuracy of your hits.

2018 Easton S250 USABat Review: Grip and Comfort

The Easton S250 USA is designed for small and amateur players. Always keep in your mind that giving them large baseball bats will just strain their body. Allow them to use small and flimsy ones and their form will never be developed. Luckily, this baseball bat has a balance between design and ergonomics. It is a bat that offers you control without compromising the comfort that you should feel.

Just like we said a while ago, this bat has a balanced swing weight. It has a slim yet durable profile that ensures its relentless performance on the field. The 29/32 inch handle has been tapered for comfort. Furthermore, it has also been wrapped with an all-sports grip for a slip-free performance. Regardless of the condition, the bat will always be friendly to your hands and body form.

2018 Easton S250 USABat Review: Durability

There is no questioning the strength of the Easton S250 USA. It has been crafted from the ALX50 military-grade alloy material. This construction guarantees that the bat can withstand strong pitches without sustaining cracks and other forms of surface damages. Even after 100 strong hits, the bat is still good as new.

The  Easton S250 is designed to last long. It is not similar to other baseball bats that suffer quickly after being used consecutively.

2018 Easton S250 USABat Review: Overall Experience

We are pretty confident that the Easton S250 USABat can improve the form and skills of every amateur players out there. It is a perfect baseball bat for greenhorns and children that are interested in the sport. Getting this bat is definitely a catch. It is durable, rugged, and light enough for speedy and balanced swings.

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