2018 Easton S150 USABat Review: Our Son Can Hit The Ball Farther Than Ever

2018 Easton S150 USABat Review

2018 Easton S150 USABat Review

Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 1/4 S150 Youth Baseball Bat -10 YSB18S150: Our Summary

It is notable that the swing of a player is developed through the stability of speed. When the baseball player is still young, power doesn’t matter much. It is always the form that counts. If you have a young one that is quite zealous on swinging the bat, then you should consider giving the Easton S150 USA Youth Baseball Bat (-10).

This particular baseball bat has a lightweight profile. It is a perfect choice for amateurs and young players who haven’t played any leagues yet. Even those who are already joined one or two seasons can still benefit from this bat. Its one-piece construction enables it to generate faster and more responsive swing action than most of its “ordinary” counterparts.

Surprisingly, the bat is still capable of fostering high-impact hits. It can optimize and maximize the force you put into it and deliver an impressive distance for ball-delivery. Overall, the performance and ergonomics of the Easton S150 USA are far from being shabby, albeit being underrated.

2018 Easton S150 USABat: Our Review

2018 Easton S150 USABat ReviewSpecifically, the Easton S150 USA is one of the newest opuses of Easton. It is a unit designed by the brand for amateur baseball players to develop their form. It is not a weighted bat, which makes it significantly lighter than those professional-grade bats. We have tested this tool on the field and found out that the swings that it can make are smooth and solid. It provides precision and efficiency while improving your control in the process.

We can recommend this baseball bat to be used during practices. It can take a serious amount of beating without losing its sweet spot and durability. Players of 7 to 12 years old can use this bat. It can serve as a training platform that would prove their skill on the sport. And if you see that they are not into it, then it should not worry you. After all, this bat is never a costly investment.

2018 Easton S150 USABat Review: Pop

Because the emphasis of this bat is on its speed and precision, it is pretty acceptable that the “pop” of the Easton S150 USA is not that strong. It is a given fact that this baseball bat can never compete with high-end bats that are crafted for the league. However, we can still say that it can kick the ball to an adequate distance. It can offer you solid hits. But you should not expect that the bat can give head-turning pop and ball-flight.

2018 Easton S150 USABat Review: Vibration Control

Noticeably, the Easton S150 USA is not immune to vibration and shock. If you hit the ball strong enough (around 60 miles per hour or higher), you can feel the shake from the bat. The vibration is not that intense, but you can certainly sense it. We don’t suggest that you will give this bat to players that can hit the ball on high speeds because the precision would be gradually reduced. On the other hand, these vibrations are barely observable on younger divisions. It is the application that decides the efficiency of the vibration control of the tool.

2018 Easton S150 USABat Review: Grip and Comfort

2018 Easton S150 USABat ReviewThe Easton S150 USA features a cushioned and tacky all-sports grip. This particular interface on the bat maximizes the grip of the user on it. It doesn’t slip away from your hands, even on wet conditions. The grip of this baseball bat gives players the maneuverability and control that are necessary for the development of their forms. Of course, since the Easton S150 USA is designed for amateur and young players, its comfort level is appealing.

2018 Easton S150 USABat Review: Durability

The Easton S150 USA is crafted from the military-grade ALX50 alloy. This material is known to be rigid and durable. Therefore, the bat is capable of enduring continuous hits and usage. The construction is the Easton S150 USA is reliable and dependable, given that amateurs and young players will use it. Meanwhile, the alloy end cap has a rolled-over alloy that further cements the toughness and durability of the bat. It can survive more than 200 hits without suffering dents or dints.

2018 Easton S150 USABat Review: Overall Experience

2018 Easton S150 USABat ReviewIn general, we like the Easton S150 USA as a baseball bat for young players. It is a good practice tool as well as utility to develop the form of the user. Investing on this bat is quite a wise move if you ask us. With the features that it has, the Easton S150 USA remains to be reasonably priced.

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