2018 Easton Ghost X USABat Review: You’ll Make A Ball Disappear

Baseball is a sport where skills are not the only game-changing factor that you can rely on. The gears you have can also determine the level of gameplay that you have. They can serve as the thin line between winning and losing.

When it comes to this sport, the bat is a staple item. You can never get those hard-hitting, laser beam shots without a decent baseball bat. Of course, you have a lot of choices for this. But if you want an excellent recommendation, here is the 2018 Easton Ghost X USABat review. This particular has a smooth yet explosive capacity to bring your game to another level. Click here for the full list of best USABats approved for 2018.

2018 Easton Ghost X USA Bat Recommendations

From the get-go, you can already feel that the Easton Ghost X USA Bat is made to satisfy its users. It is both solid and lightweight at the same time. Most of the time, ordinary baseball bats can’t exhibit both of these factors simultaneously. Fortunately, the Easton Ghost X proves to be the exception that you are looking for.

Specifically, this bat has been pre-wrapped with a 1.44mm patented Hyperskin Grip. This innovation improves the comfort and “feel” that you can get every time you hold and swing this bat. The said technology also provides a slip-free performance to the tool, which is heavily essential for clutch and game-deciding moments.

Also, the bat has a generous 2 5/8 inches barrel diameter. This particular measurement further elevates the playability of the Easton Ghost X USA BAT as compared to most of its counterparts. Furthermore, its barrel is longer than most other contemporary baseball bats. Because of this optimized design, the bat can provide more “sweet spots” to extract as much power as you need to keep any ball that it comes across flying.

I would also like to point out that this baseball bat has -10 length-to-weight ratio. Therefore, every swing that you make with the Easton Ghost X USA Bat will be balanced and on-point.

It is also notable that this baseball bat is crafted from pure Speed Exact Engineering X Advanced Carbon Technology. With this type of material and construction, you can assure that the bat is durable, rugged, and lightweight. The said innovation also lessens the vibration you can feel every impact.

The Bad Sides

Honestly, the 2018 Easton Ghost X USA Bat did not come out on the market as a perfect gear. There are still some minor flaws on this baseball bat that you can find. You ought to know them all before you consider getting this item.

Don’t get me wrong. If you are going to ask me, I would immediately tell that this baseball bat is worth every penny that you have. But on this part, I just want to be blunt and honest. I have to divulge some of the issues that the Easton Ghost X USA Bat encounter.

Technically speaking, the velocity restriction of the baseball bat has gone overboard. As I can calculate, the exit velocity that this baseball bat can offer is around 5% to 6% slower than some of the previous Easton bats. You can notice this problem once you have exceeded 500-swing mark.

Because of this fact, the ball delivery of the 2018 Easton Ghost X USA Bat has been curtailed as well. If you compare it to Mako Youth Ash Wood Baseball Bat, the gap of their distance would be around 40 feet.

Final Verdict

Overall, I can still say that the Easton Ghost X USA is a decent baseball bat. It possesses a cutting-edge construction and design for a smooth and controlled performance. It is rugged and can survive any atmospheric conditions. The swing balance of this tool is excellent, too.

Despite some of its apparent drawbacks, the 2018 Easton Ghost X USA still proves to be a formidable option for both amateur and intermediate players. In fact, professionals can still benefit from this innovative baseball bat. Just get a hold of this tool and see if it can suit your preferences.

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