2018 Easton Beast X Hyperlite USABat Review

2018 easton beast x hyperlite usabat review

2018 easton beast x hyperlite usabat review

Our Summary of 2018 Easton Beast X Hyperlite USABat

Smashing and game-changing. These are the two fitting terms to describe the quality of the Easton Beast X Hyperlite USABat. Currently, this one is among the top-rated youth baseball bats (best USAbats for 2018 season). Thanks to its impressive construction and features, it became the bar for small leagues and youth divisions.

Specifically, the Easton Beast X Hyperlite USABat is a part of the Beast X Series. We can say that all of them share the same specs. However, there is one difference that separates the Easton Beast X Hyperlite USABat from its cousins: the barrel dimension. The Beast X Hyperlite USABat is the only baseball bat under the Beast X family that features a 2 1/4 barrel diameter. Noticeably, most of the Easton bats are constructed with 2 5/8 barrels. But amusingly, this one still received the USA Bat Stamp, which signifies its legality in youth divisions.

Despite this unique difference, the power of the Beast X Hyperlite USABat should never be underestimated at all. After all, all of the Beast X baseball bats are using the Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction to ensure their durability and strength. This technology improves the punch, energy, and sound of the ball impact. Furthermore, the barrel is equipped with the X-tended design and Z-Core innovation of Easton. These two technologies ensure that the sweet spot of the baseball has been enlarged to unprecedented levels.

It is also notable that the Beast X Hyperlite USABat is longer than most of the conventional baseball bats out there. This particular design enhances the swing balance and speed of the bat. There is a great combination of speed and power in the Beast X Hyperlite. We have tested it on multiple applications, and all of these capabilities were seen in action.

Our 2018 Easton Beast X Hyperlite USABat Review

We have to accept the fact that not all kids will accept a baseball bat like the Beast X Hyperlite USABat. You have to adjust and configure your playing style if you want to experience the full potential of this bat. Because it has a barrel size that is smaller than the standard 2 5/8 models, its performance may not suit of everyone.

If we will talk about its intended market, the baseball bat is indeed for experienced users or players with great accuracy and control. But if used properly, the Beast X Hyperlite USABat can deliver potent hits every single time. You can swing it fast with extreme responsiveness and maneuverability. For amateurs, training with this baseball bat is highly recommended. If you want to train your speed and strike accuracy, this tool is a must-have.

2018 Easton Beast X Hyperlite USABat Review: Pop

The strength of the Beast X Hyperlite USABat surprised us. We never thought that a slim baseball bat like this could kick the ball flying at a great distance. If we refer to the USA Bat Standard, we can expect that the explosiveness of Easton youth baseball bats is regulated already. That’s the reason why every one of us was caught off guard when the bat was able to kick strong pitches flying.

The impact of the ball and bat created noticeable sound and fantastic linear drives. But of course, if the hitter doesn’t have great accuracy, the occurrence of solid hits would be at a minimal level only. Always remember that the Beast X Hyperlite USABat has a slim profile. The power and precision it can pull off might not be as satisfying as those that have the standard barrel size.

2018 Easton Beast X Hyperlite USABat Review: Vibration Control

It is completely understandable if our personnel were able to feel stings while using this baseball bat. The vibrations are not that harsh. However, it is there, and your senses can never ignore it. Among the Beast X bats, this one offers the least vibration control. Of course, there is a science that can explain this phenomenon.

Apparently, one-piece bats, especially those that have been made from alloy, are susceptible to vibrations. Two-piece bats are generally heavier than these bats. However, the weight is compensated by the level of impact negation that they can offer. Another factor that weakened the vibration control of Hyperlite is its lengthy frame. Vibrations can manifest to barrels that have a long profile but no sufficient mass.

2018 Easton Beast X Hyperlite USABat Review: Grip and Comfort

On this aspect, the Easton Beast X Hyperlite USABat is a sure winner. You have to know that this among the lightest baseball bats that Easton can offer currently. It may not have the power that you desire, but it always has comfort and speed as its chief allies. Your body won’t be strained while using this bat.

The Beast X Hyperlite features the Hyperskin Grip for better cushioning and control. Furthermore, the Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction improves the traditional feel of the handle. We think that is a good trade-off to the slim profile of this baseball bat. If you don’t want a heavy bat, you have to try the Beast X Hyperlite instead.  

2018 Easton Beast X Hyperlite USABat Review: Durability

The construction of the Easton Beast X Hyperlite USA is still durable and rugged. This baseball bat can withstand punishments and severe weather conditions. During our test, we tested the rigidity of this bat by letting it more than 200 strong pitches. Of course, the incoming pitches are traveling at speeds that can overwhelm young players. Surprisingly, this baseball bat took them head-on. It didn’t suffer any damages, except for some minor scratches on the surface. But there are no dents or cracks that have been seen in the structure.

This kind of quality is a proof that the Beast X Hyperlite is still an opus of Easton. The alloy construction ensures that you can abuse this bat right from the box.

2018 Easton Beast X Hyperlite USABat Review: Overall Experience

After testing the Easton Beast X Hyperlite USA, we realized that this one is a tool for players who have a need for speed. It has a lightweight and balanced design that improves the balance and speed of your swings. For practicing players, using this bat is highly suggested. It can hone your accuracy because of its slim profile and lengthy design. We do recommend it for individuals who want to improve their strikes.

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