2018 Demarini Uprising USA Youth Bat Review: Good Choice For Smaller Kids

2018 DeMarini Uprising -10 Youth Big Barrel USA Baseball Bat

DeMarini 2018 Uprising (-10) 2 1/2" Balanced USA Baseball Bat

2018 Demarini Uprising USA Youth Bat: Our Summary

It is quite pleasing to experience the upgrades that have been integrated into the DeMarini Uprising USABat. The design of this bat has been based on the previous youth bats by DeMarini. The control and speed that it offers are quite great, especially for young baseball players.

Of course, there’s no hiding anymore that the Uprising USA Youth baseball bat is for the amateur players. For children and starting players, this bat can harness their basic baseball skills. However, we will remind you that the Uprising USA is not for young players that are 15 years or older or those that are somehow skilled already. Instead, it can serve well on young players or those that are on the coaching side.

Because of this given capability, it is not a surprise anymore that the DeMarini Uprising USA only have a one-piece construction. However, it is notable that it features the revamped version of the DX1 alloy. It allowed the bat to be tough and strong enough to smash the ball flying.

Other ergonomic features for better handling and control are included on this bat. Such of these are the IonD technology that has been integrated on its end cap. The latter lessens the unnecessary weight that you can feel when swinging this bat. Overall, the DeMarini Uprising USA is a fantastic baseball bat for novice players.

2018 DeMarini Uprising USABat: Our Review

demarini uprising usa bat reviewTesting the DeMarini Uprising USA baseball is both challenging and pleasurable for us. Nobody was expecting that this baseball bat enough power to survive the grueling taste that we made. Specifically, we let the bat hit multiple shots–each having the speed of around 40 miles per hour or so. The results pretty satisfied us.

We mentioned that the Uprising USA is a revamped version of the previous youth bats of the DeMarini. Based on the specs and capabilities of the bat, it is a true claim. From its durability up to the pop that it provides, this baseball bat did really impress us. It doesn’t lack in any department, thus making it a great assistive and practice tool.

In fact, we can somehow recommend this USA bat as an arsenal during competitive games. The level of performance that it can generate can highlight anyone’s skills and dedication to the game.

DeMarini Uprising 2018 Reviews: Pop

The solid construction and large sweet spot of this baseball bats improved it pop. That’s what we can guarantee you. It can hit strong balls impressively. It can blast them with every momentum that there is. The sound that it creates is astounding enough to make anyone addicted to the sport.

Honestly, the pop is not as strong as other models of baseball bats. However, under the USA Baseball Bats qualifications, the pop that it creates surpasses the average already. Young players can certainly enjoy using this bat, especially in honing their power and control.

Meanwhile, the distance in which it can send the ball is not that far. But that is alright. After all, it is already a good exchange for the construction and ergonomics that the Uprising USA baseball bat has.

2018 DeMarini Uprising -10 Youth Big Barrel USA Baseball Bat: Vibration Control

2018 demarini uprising reviewBecause this baseball bat has a one-piece constructed, we already anticipated that it will always produce stinging vibrations. This was not a surprise to us. And we never treated it as a drawback. These vibrations that we felt from the Uprising USA did not send a bitter pill on our mouth.

The bat is made from a highly rugged material. The alloy construction somehow canceled out the strong impacts that should be felt when hitting high-velocity balls. There were vibrations, but they didn’t destroy our composure. It can really serve young players in harnessing their form and control.

Another reason why vibrations are apparent on the DeMarini Uprising USA is due to its small frame. The body is only 2 1/2 inches in diameter. There’s no sufficient room to distribute the shock.

2018 DeMarini Uprising 2 1/2 USABat Review: Grip and Comfort

Using the DeMarini Uprising USA is never cumbersome. Aside from being lightweight, the bat also has other features that make it extremely comfortable to the hands. The handle is not as big as other youth bats. As a result, even young players can have a good hold over it. Accidentally slipping the bat away from your hand is nowhere near the realms of possibilities.

The IonD end cap of the DeMarini Uprising USA also ensures that every swing that you do is balanced and lightweight. It will not take time before a starting player can get used to this bat. It can simply give you the speed and power that you need for skyrocket the ball straightly and precisely.

2018 DeMarini Uprising USA Baseball Bat Review: Durability

The DX1 alloy construction of the Uprising USA baseball bat simply stands out in the competition. It enables the baseball bat to be strong enough to endure potent shots without sustaining heavy damages.

We made the Uprising USA hit around 100 shots. We were happy that after the trial, the baseball bat didn’t have any major deformation. A few amount of the paints were gone. But as long the bat can deliver high-octane shots, these setbacks can already be forgiven. The high-strength construction of the Uprising USA is simply that you can never underestimate.

DeMarini Uprising USA Youth Bat Review: Overall Experience

2018 DeMarini Uprising -10 Youth Big Barrel USA Baseball BatJust like we mentioned, using the DeMarini Uprising USA is an exhilarating experience. This tool has a well-balanced design that can develop both the control and power of its user. It has a lightweight design, given of its default one-piece construction and small barrel frame. Even young players can confidently hold this baseball bat without losing their form.

The ruggedness and ergonomics of the DeMarini Uprising USA simply blew our expectations. We thought that it was an ordinary bat, but it proved us wrong. The sturdy and seemingly-impregnable barrel, plus the highly-efficient swing mechanism enable the baseball bat to become a good practice and competitive amenity.

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