2018 DeMarini CF Zen USA Tee Ball Bat Review: Paint Keeps Peeling Off


The 2018 season has proven to be a challenging course for many baseball players. Even amateurs and those who are in the youth division are already stepping up their game. Of course, one of the biggest hurdles that they have to veer around is finding a decent baseball bat that can cope with their needs. If speed is the cut, then the DeMarini CF Zen USA Tee Ball Bat is an excellent option.

The DeMarini CF Zen USA Tee Ball Bat has a specific emphasis to speed and control. It may not be as powerful as other youth baseball bats; it is still capable of developing the form of its users. This one is lighter than the DeMarini Voodoo One and the rest of VooDoo series. It is a good choice for young players that are still not used in holding heavy baseball bats.

It is notable that the DeMarini CF Zen USA Tee Ball Bat has a 2-1/4-inch barrel construction. The design is slightly smaller to the standard 2-5/8-inch baseball bats. The barrel is not that big, but it still offers massive sweet spots and decent pops that can make everyone’s heads turn. With its impressive balance and speed, the DeMarini CF Zen is good enough to cover the needs of growing players.


The biggest perk of the DeMarini CF Zen USA Tee Ball Bat is its impressive swing speed. This is what we have concluded after testing this bat on multiple occasions. It has a rugged construction and a capacity to withstand strong hits without sustaining crack and dents. But still, the thing that you can enjoy the most on this baseball bat is the impeccable lightweight distance that allows it to become ultra responsive and maneuverable.

Players that are ten years old or below can benefit from using this baseball bat. It will never burden their body, even if they use it for an extended period or on a daily basis. The bat itself has USA Baseball Certification. Therefore, it has all the qualities that make it safe and usable for small and amateur leagues.

Despite its lightweight design, the DeMarini CF Zen USA Tee Ball Bat is surprisingly durable. It can withstand serious impacts and vibrations. Even if young players haven’t reached the peak of their strength, the CF Zen already ensured that it would never break on the field.


The pop of the DeMarini CF Zen USA Tee Ball Bat is, particularly at the midway. It is not that strong, but it is not that weak either. It is pretty average, and that is more than enough to keep up with the pace of amateur players. Take note that even with its slightly small frame, CF Zen USA baseball bat still has a large sweet spot. You can ensure that it can improve the accuracy and impact of your every hit.

Simultaneously, we also noticed that the distance in where it can send the ball is not that far. It will just propel the ball flying depending on the force you applied. No features that can provide an extra push. But that is completely okay.

Vibration Control

The vibration control of the DeMarini CF Zen USA Tee Ball Bat is certainly impressive. Despite its given application and value, the DeMarini CF Zen USA Tee Ball is using a two-piece barrel construction. Because of this design, the barrel can negative strong impacts that cause inconvenient stings and shock to your hands.

We have tested the vibration control of this baseball bat by letting it hit balls that are around 45 miles per hour. We haven’t felt “aftershocks” that could have affected the precision and control that we have for the bat.

Grip and Comfort

The DeMarini CF Zen USA Tee Ball Bat is noticeably lightweight. In fact, it is among the lightest baseball bats that DeMarini has created. Therefore, young players can confidently use this bat on a daily basis. It might not be a good transition tool, but for form development and comfort, the CF Zen USA is an excellent option already.

This baseball bat also features the ergonomic TP handle. The latter improves the sustainability of its grip and comfort. You can flex and swing the bat for as long as you can without feeling any stress in your body. Moreover, the bat also features impeccable weight distribution. Your control and accuracy further enhanced with the presence of this specification.


Despite its lightweight design, we have proven that the DeMarini CF Zen USA Tee Ball Bat is truly rugged. It can withstand strong pitches without suffering from cracks and dents. There are scratches that can be seen, but this doesn’t really affect the performance of the bat.

The entire barrel of the bat is crafted from an industrial-grade TP composite material. It made the bat endure at least 200 hits and still come out in its top shape. You can always trust the durability of CF Zen USA Tee Ball, regardless if you use it continuously.

Overall Experience

After testing this baseball bat, we concluded that it is a tool perfect for young players who are still new to the sport. It can also be utilized by those who will be joining on amateur leagues and competitions. It has all the essential qualities that make it ideal for both competitive games and practice purposes. It is light, responsive, and extremely durable at the same time. Investing in this baseball bat for your children or young players will never be a regrettable choice.

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