2018 Axe Element USABat Review: Changes That Will Excite You

As one of the major brands in the bats manufacturing industry, Axe has prepared for 2018, and the changes that it brings by producing another quality bat with an entry level performance.

The name of this new baseball weapon is Axe Element which has an end cap and knob technology known for its durability.

Apart from these features, there are more reasons why this baseball weapon excites many young players. Discover each of them in this 2018 Axe Element USABat Review, and find out if this product is the right USABat for you.

Bat Features

  • 1-piece construction, for power, speed, and contact
  • Hyperwhip End Cap reduces unnecessary weight from bat’s for a bigger barrel, larger sweet spot, and a faster swing
  • Axe’s mantic alloy for maximum durability
  • Endogrid technology for shock absorption and vibration control
  • End-loaded swing weight
  • Approved for play in most youth baseball games (e.g., Dixie, Pony, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, and AABC), conforms to the recent USABat standard
  • Price check is here

2018 Axe Element USABat Recommendations

2018 Axe Element bat is a single piece aluminum construction, making it an ideal choice for strong and elite hitters who prefer a bat that weighs a bit more than a drop 10.

If you are a cold weather player, you may also appreciate its durability as well as the hand dampening of this drop 8 bat which has an asymmetric and ergonomically crafted composite handle.

Although some believe that young players tend to prefer the traditional two-piece bats, it is no doubt that 2018 Axe element comes at a more satisfactory price.

When it comes to pop, many who have used and tested this bat claims it has more than adequate pop off the barrel in comparison to other USAbats. Meanwhile, the less pop of Axe element is for enhanced control and stability.

Vibration-wise, it also has a reputation for preventing hand stings based on certain credible volunteer’s hitter scorecards. No more than 10% reported that they feel a consistent sting while gripping.

Speaking of grip, the innovative handle also results in more comfortable feeling when swinging it. This quality is due to the Axe handle which fits naturally in the contour of the player’s hand.

Consequently, this bat also reduces injuries. Most traditional handles cause a considerable amount of pressure on a single point of your hand which the Axe handle eliminates because of its flash backside.

Our Final Verdict for 2018 Axe Element USABat

Did this 2018 Axe Element USABat review help you learn the things that you should expect from this new Axe model? 

On top of the great blend of balance and pop that it gives, Axe Element also offers its users excellent feels and comfort because of its Axe handle which is scientifically proven effective in reducing injuries and providing enhanced bat control and maximum power and bat speed.

Compared to other USABats, Axe Element is considered one of the lightest despite its -8 drop label, not to mention its vibration control which is not compromised in spite the fact this bat is a single piece, alloy construction.

All these qualities make this bat one of the top choices of young baseball players, but above all, Axe Element makes you all ready for the changes that new USABat Standard sets.

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